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Fic Corner 2015

Dear Fic Corner writer,
Thank you for writing a story for me! I love children's and YA books even now that I'm an adult. There were so many books I could have requested, so I decided to narrow it down to only books that I actually read for the first time in childhood. All of these are books/series I've read many times and remember very fondly.

Normally in exchanges I say to stick with the spirit of the books, but the following are 4 extremely G-rated stories, so if you want to add a little more romance or violence than the stories have that's fine. (But staying with the original tone is also totally okay!) No sex please. Also please don't have embarrassment as a major plot point. I think that's the only things I need to mention; if you want more info you can look at my old Yuletide letters where I always end up going on too long.

If you're stuck and want to check out one of the other fandoms, all of them are pretty fast reads (that's the nice thing about a kids' book exchange!). The Henry Reed books are the longest (barely over 200 pages); Toliver's Secret & the Danny Dunn books tie for shortest. Henry Reed & Danny Dunn are series but you can start anywhere (although Irene isn't in the first 2 DD); My Side of the Mountain is the first in a series but my request is only for that specific book; and Toliver's Secret is a standalone. Unfortunately all of the Danny Dunn books are out of print as well as two of the Henry Reeds, but all the others are in print and I think a good library would have several of them as well. Henry Reed is hilarious dry comedy about a couple of teenagers who are just trying to make some money on their summer vacations; Danny Dunn is science adventures of a trio of friends with assistance from their professor mentor; My Side of the Mountain is a boy who runs away to the woods and lives off the land with his falcon; Toliver's Secret is American Revolutionary War historical fiction about a girl who has to dress up as a boy and carry a message for General Washington. I'm actually younger than you would think from the copyright dates of my beloved childhood fiction...all of these actually came out well before I was born. :-)

One last comment before I get to the individual requests (in alphabetical order, as always): All of these are fandoms that I love and for which there is almost no or absolutely no fic available. Pretty much ANYTHING you write will make me extremely excited, so if you have a great idea that doesn't fit with any of my prompts but is in the spirit of the book, please go ahead and write it! I don't even care overmuch about whether you include the specific characters I requested, although please don't go higher than the T rating. :-)

Danny Dunn Series - Jay Williams & Raymond Abrashkin (Irene Miller or Mrs. Dunn)
I read these books many times when I was a kid. Anything in the spirit of the books will make me happy, whether it's sciencey adventures with the trio, or how they first became friends or 10 years down the road when they're looking for jobs (or applying to the Space Shuttle program!). I almost requested Any Character, so if you really want to focus on a different character feel free, but I thought it might be kind of fun to have a female POV.
My favorite books in this series are probably "Homework Machine" (the first one with Irene in it) and "Scientific Detective" (one of the last in the series but the first one I read). The trio's adventures are very fun, but I especially like that they're very interested in science and wanting to know more about that, and that (possibly because of the previous) they respect their elders and realize there are things they can learn from them (especially Professor Bullfinch) instead of thinking they know everything.
As far as shipping: Gen is great, or if you want to go shippy I'm equally interested in Irene/Danny or Irene/Joe or any of the trio/original character with the other two trying to come to terms with that. Or if you're centering the story on Mrs. Dunn I'd be fine with shipping her with an original character or one of the minor characters (like Carl Ellison in Scientific Detective), but not with Prof. Bullfinch.

Henry Reed - Keith Robertson (Henry Reed or Midge Glass)
I love the dry humor of these books, where they're absolutely hilarious but Midge and Henry weren't trying to do anything intentionally funny. As long as you keep that spirit, I don't particularly care what direction you go with this. Maybe Midge keeps a journal of her own that has a slightly different perspective on events in the books...or additional adventures in between the canon ones...or Henry and Midge corresponding while he's in Europe during the rest of the year...or in the future when they're in college or beyond.
I've requested this fandom for three Yuletides in a row, and last year I received an amazing Boxcar Children crossover for it! I have read the five books in this series many many times. I love Henry's matter-of-fact tone as he recounts their activities. Seriously, as long as you keep the 'Honestly, Uncle Al, I don't know how the parade got started, we didn't do anything' (not an actual quote) spirit of the books, I don't care which way you run with it. Crossovers and AUs are fine, as are fics set way before or way after the books. If you're familiar with Alvin Fernald, Danny Dunn, or Encyclopedia Brown, those are some series I read around the same time that might be fun to crossover. Or throw Henry and Midge into a fantasy environment like Hogwarts or Middle-earth and see how they react!

My Side of the Mountain - Jean Craighead George (Bando or Miss Turner)
I live in the suburbs, but that didn't stop me from reading every survival skills book I could get my hands on when I was a kid. I find self-sufficiency fascinating as a concept, although I would miss the internet and yarn stores if I had to live that way for very long. I like that Sam is observant and wants to find out more about the world he lives in. Both of the characters I requested are educated people who become helpful resources for Sam. I'd like to see either more of his interactions with them (any POV, theirs, Sam's, or even Frightful's or Jesse C. James', whatever makes you happy), or what their lives are like outside of the times when they intersect with Sam. Did Bando always want to teach English? Why did Miss Turner decide to be a librarian? Or wherever you want to go with whichever of these 2 characters you matched on.
I read this book and the sequel (On the Far Side of the Mountain) several times, although I definitely preferred this first book. I am not really familiar with the rest of the series. I really like handcrafts (knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and I'm currently getting really excited about needlepoint) if you want to reference any of those (maybe Sam and/or Bando try spinning rabbit fur or some other fiber). Totally random crossover suggestion: if you happen to have read Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, I think that has some interesting possibilities.

Toliver's Secret - Esther Wood Brady (Ellen Toliver or Mistress Shannon)
I love how good historical fiction can make a time period or event or place come alive...and this totally happens for me as Toliver goes on her journey. I'd really like to see either what Ellen Toliver is up to later on in the war (or post-war; any chance you could have her in Philadelphia during the Constitutional Convention?), or what the Shannons, whom we meet at the end but barely spend any time with, are up to as they sneak messages while pretending to be Tories.
The Constitutional Convention is one of my favorite time periods of history (mostly thanks to the awesome docudrama A More Perfect Union). If she's courting someone as a 20-something in Philadelphia, does he know that she once dressed up as a boy? How does her learning to stand up for herself affect her later in her life? Or if you write something earlier, still during the war, does she have further heroic adventures? As far as Mistress Shannon, anyone who wears a British flag in her hair all day while secretly running messages for General Washington has to have had close calls. For her and her husband, was it a mutual decision to spy for Washington, or did one of them have to convince the other?

White Dwarf Rabbit Hole 2015

Dear author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm really looking forward to reading your story.

I'm going to try to make this short but if you want more info on my likes and dislikes you can take a look at my past Yuletide letters. I like stories that feel in the spirit of the original fandom (for instance, stories that make me think "Wow, that sounded exactly like something [Original Author] would have written" or "Yes, that is exactly how [Favorite Character] would have said that." At the same time, I don't mind OCs, AUs, or crossovers as long as the non-original characters are not acting out of character. If you want to do a crossover, any fandom in this list is fair game (although I'm not sure what the rules of this exchange are on crossovers?). I enjoy gen greatly, and prefer that shippy stuff not be too high rated. When in doubt, anything that would fit in the original book is definitely something I'm okay with, but also a bit beyond that would be fine (considering that I'm not sure either of the canon couples I'll be mentioning below ever even kiss in their respective canons).

In alphabetical order:

Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis (Edmund Pevensie)

Edmund the Just: He did a terrible thing but then managed to come back from that and be a wiser person because of it. I'd like to see something after that point, showing how Narnia has given him more inner maturity and a better relationship with his siblings. I'd particularly like something set in England post-Dawn Treader, perhaps even during The Last Battle (that fateful traintrip?). Would not be opposed to shipping him with an OFC (in England or Narnia), or gen is always fine.

Eight Days of Luke - Diana Wynne Jones (Luke)

Loki is a fascinating character...brilliant and clever and not somebody you would probably want to get anywhere near if you're like me and you enjoy having a peaceful life free of risk of death or bodily harm. I've seen a lot of different takes on him between this book and Runemarks and the Marvel movies, and I've enjoyed them all. Anything you want to explore would be great; as characters go I'm a bit more interested in the mythological characters than David's relatives (except for Astrid, who is awesome), but feel free to ignore that if you have an idea that goes the opposite direction. I'd prefer gen for this fandom.

Enchanted Forest Chronicles - Patricia Wrede (Morwen)

I ship Telemain/Morwen like crazy. Love the combo of intelligent but scatterbrained with intelligent and practical. Anything having fun with them (fluffy or plotty, I don't care) would be my first choice. However, since Telemain wasn't a nominated character & I wasn't able to request him, I know you may not be planning on writing him, so Morwen Being Awesome All By Herself (or Morwen's Cats Being Awesome With Morwen) are great too.

I just read these for the first time at the end of last year. I was shipping Telemain and Morwen from the first time they barely interacted in the books, and was a bit frustrated that those pesky main characters couldn't get set aside to provide me with a hundred pages of Telemain and Morwen being adorable together. I like Telemain's opaque language (which, having written a drabble for this fandom, I can say is a lot harder to come up with than Wrede makes it seem), and Morwen's crazy collection of cats, and the way the doors work in her house.

Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis (Colin Templer)

So Colin Templer was my favorite character in Doomsday Book, and then I totally fell in love with the grown-up him in Blackout/All Clear. I'd be happy with a story set anywhere in Colin's life, whether a childhood fic or during one of the books or far in the future after All Clear (in which case he better have married Polly...) I'd really like it if you could explore his relationship with one of the other main characters, whether it's his great-aunt Mary Ahrens, or his love Polly Churchill, or one of the other characters: Mr Dunworthy? Kivrin Engle (personally I wonder if his 12-year-old self might have had a bit of a crush on Kivrin before he met Polly...)? his mother who was so glad to ship him off (what would she have thought of his hopeless search for Polly)?

I requested this for Yuletide 2013, so if you want to read the REALLY LONG version of the request, with a few more prompt ideas, you can look at my letter from then, but you can also feel free to ignore it. :-) If there's a particular time period you're interested in that you'd like to send the characters to, I always enjoy learning more about history. Or if you end up leaving the characters in the future the whole time with no time travel at all, that's fine too because the characters are my favorite part about these stories.

Purimgifts 2015

Dear Purimgifts author,

This is the first time I've ever done an exchange outside of Yuletide. I'm excited!

My Yuletide letter tends to run away from me, but I'm going to do my best to make this one short and sweet. If you want more information on my general preferences, you can look at my past Yuletide letters.

I love (realistic, everybody's in character) crossovers. This list is pretty much up-to-date; feel free to crossover with any fandom listed there. (Don't worry if you don't want to do a crossover; I love non-crossovers too.) I also don't mind OCs and AUs as long as, again, all the non-OCs are not acting out of character.

My level of knowledge of Judaism: among other things, I've read all the All of a Kind Family books and the first Hereville graphic novel, and I'm pretty familiar with Old Testament history. I can't recall if there are any canonically Jewish characters in any of these fandoms, but I'm totally okay with you making any character Jewish as long as it makes sense. (If you're telling me that, for instance, Marguerite Blakeney or Cimorene is Jewish, I hope you have a really convincing explanation...) I've also mentioned who some of my favorite female characters are in some of the fandoms, in case you're going more for that side of the prompt.

The Scarlet Pimpernel - All Media Types: I've read every single one of the books, seen more than one production of the musical, obtained all the soundtracks, and watched the 1934 movie. I have not, however, seen the 1982 movie or the 1999 TV series. I love everything about these stories, especially Percy & Chauvelin's interaction, which doesn't really fit with the prompts for this fest though. If you want to focus on one of the female characters, I'd love to see any or all of them—Suzanne or Fleurette or Theresia would be my favorites but they're all great. Or if you want to do something more serious, how about looking at Benjamin Rosenbaum, the Jew Percy pays off in the first novel. What happens to him afterwards? Does he ever assist the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel again? Does Chauvelin realize that his ingrained antisemitism caused him to miss what was right in front of his nose?

Oxford Time Travel Universe: I've read all the books and the short story. Colin is my favorite character, with Dunworthy, Kivrin, and Binnie tied for second. Again, I love everything about these, so anything you want to write is awesome. Do you have a favorite historical period you'd like the characters to go to? Or, given the fest, maybe a historical period that has something to do with Jewish history.

White Collar: Wow, my tiny-Yuletide-fandom self feels really weird to be requesting such a large fandom. This show has had its ups and downs (I wish they hadn't felt the need to manufacture tension between Neal and Peter every time they solved the problems between them, and I wish they hadn't kept spending less time on the case of the week as the series progressed). I've seen all but Season 5, which I am mostly spoiled on and will watch once I have more time. I am a little picky about which characters I like in this series, so to save you a twenty-minute screed on what I do and don't like about the various girlfriends Neal has had, why don't I just say that El is totally my favorite character, so if you're going to focus on a female character, maybe focus on her? Also, June is awesome, of course. And Mozzie's wife (S6E4) would be fun to see more of (that was my favorite episode this last season). Other than that, I like heists! And there still isn't enough post-series fix-it fic! Or somebody pulling a con to save someone from an evil vizier!

Psmith - P. G. Wodehouse and Blandings - P. G. Wodehouse: I've read all the Psmith books and about the first half of the Blandings series. I love Wodehouse's sense of humor and ridiculous setups with laugh-out-loud prose. I'd love to see more of Eve or Phyllis or Cynthia (who was married to the poet Psmith impersonated); or Sue Brown, Joan or Valentine (Something Fresh is my favorite Blandings book; chapter 8 is comic gold.) or Aggie Donaldson. And not a female character, but poor efficient Baxter, who "says it with flower-pots" but for whom things always go wrong.

Foundation - Isaac Asimov and Robot Series - Isaac Asimov: I tend to prefer Asimov's earlier (cleaner, among other things) writing, and I didn't like the later Foundation/Robots novels, so I think of Foundation as just the trilogy. And for me, the Robot stories are all about Dr. Susan Calvin. I realized a few years ago that she was my subconscious role model when I was in college (one of my majors was in the sciences). I know that's a little odd when there's real women scientists out there and Dr. Calvin was actually more in psychology, but still as a woman in the sciences that's who I thought of as having been there before me. As for Foundation, there's a lot of really cool stuff in there. I'm generally more interested in what happened to the non-psychic First Foundation, and my favorite character is Arkady Darell.

FoxTrot: I've loved these comics for a long time. Jason's my favorite character since I identify with his nerdiness, but even more than single characters I like the interaction between the family members, and the contrast in their interests. (Like when Paige and Jason were both looking forward to seeing the LotR movies, but for totally different reasons! [Link]) But yeah, nerd humor ftw.

Enchanted Forest Chronicles: My sister has been trying to convince me to read these for months, and I don't know why I waited so long because they are awesome. Fantasy that doesn't take itself too seriously, with some genre-savvy characters. I ship Telemain/Morwen very much, and they're probably my favorite characters individually as well, although I also really like Alianora from the first book.

In case you're curious about or considering writing in one of my fandoms that you didn't match to, a quick (ha!) where-to-get-started for each...

Scarlet Pimpernel...heroic Englishman rescues people from the French Revolution while leaving snarky poetry for his nemesis! The first novel is on Gutenberg with a few of the sequels; the entire series is on Blakeney Manor in not-as-conveniently-downloadable format. You definitely want to start with the first book; after that I would recommend "Elusive" or "Triumph" for full-length novels, or "Adventures" or "League" if you want short stories. The musical soundtrack is on Youtube and you can probably find full productions of varying quality there as well. The 1934 film version (Leslie Howard, Raymond Massey, Merle Oberon) is also on Youtube.
Oxford Time Travel Universe...time travelling historians! There's a short story "Fire Watch" (available online) and three novels: "Doomsday Book", "To Say Nothing of the Dog", and "Blackout/All Clear". You can start with any of them, although Doomsday Book is the one I usually recommend personally to people.
White Collar...con artist/forger and FBI agent become friends and fight crime! The hour-long pilot (available for a few dollars on YouTube, Amazon, etc, and for free elsewhere on the internet...) is all you need to meet the characters, and it's one of my favorite episodes. (Some of my other favorites are "Vital Signs" [S01E10] and "What Happens in Burma" [S02E12].)
Wodehouse...ridiculous plots wrapped in hilarious prose! All the Psmith books are on Gutenberg except the last one: [A, B, C] The first book takes a long time to get going, so if you can't stand lengthy description of cricket (and as some of Wodehouse's earliest work, this is back when he thought he was a school-story-writer and not a humorous-story-writer so there's not nearly as many laugh-out-loud bits), it might be best to start with "Mike and Psmith", which is just the second half of "Mike". As for the Blandings Castle books, only the first one "Something New" was written before the copyright cutoff. The second Blandings book ("Leave It to Psmith") is also the last Psmith book. Bet you didn't see that coming! My local library has most of the Wodehouse books in the system although not at the closest branch, so if you're in a decently-sized city you might try your library. And if you're only going to read one of these books, I would suggest "Something New" (also called "Something Fresh")...it's one of my favorites. I don't believe I shall ever be capable of reading chapter 8 without laughing uproariously.
Asimov...classic Golden Age science fiction! "Foundation" is three volumes ("Foundation", "Foundation and Empire", "Second Foundation") that collect eight short stories set decades and centuries apart. There are also other novels set before and after the main trilogy, but they were written decades later and feel quite different. As for the Robot books, I'm mainly requesting stuff based on "I, Robot", which is a collection of nine short stories. These are all written after the copyright cutoff so the library or bookstore is your best bet to find them.
FoxTrot...comic strip with sibling rivalry and nerdy humor! Many volumes of this strip have been published and might be available at your library, or you can browse archives online: current (Sunday only) or classics (reruns from when it ran every day)

Enchanted Forest Chronicles...intelligent YA fantasy with a great balance between plot and humor! There are four books ("Dealing with Dragons", "Searching for Dragons", "Calling on Dragons", and "Talking to Dragons") that should probably be read in that order, although I think you could get away with starting with book 2 or 4 if you wanted to. (Book 4 was written first and then edited to fit with the rest of the series after the other 3 were written.) All are long enough to have lots of interesting things happen, but short enough that they don't take forever to read.

Yuletide reveals

Once again reveals seemed to come super fast after the stories went up! I was having so much fun spending time with my family over the holiday season that I haven't yet gotten around to reading more than a couple stories outside of my gifts. Yes, giftS...I actually got 3 stories covering every single fandom I requested!

Henry Reed's Mystery Yarn (4128 words) by hhertzof
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Boxcar Children - Gertrude Chandler Warner, Henry Reed - Keith Robertson
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Benny Alden, Jessie Alden, Violet Alden, Henry Alden, Henry Reed, Margaret "Midge" Glass, Mabel Harris, Alfred Harris, John Carter (Boxcar Children)
Additional Tags: Mystery, Knitting, Diary/Journal, Crossover
Henry Reed gets tangled up in a mystery with some new friends.

This might be my favorite story I've ever gotten for Yuletide...it has Henry Reed's journal voice totally down, and knitting is a major plot element, and the Aldens show up, and, and!

A Yellow Wood (1048 words) by Clocketpatch
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: decktet (card game)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: the penitent
Additional Tags: Yuletide Treat
The Snake-faced man stands at a crossroad.

I nominated this fandom for its first time (as far as I'm aware) this year and was the only requester with no offers (yes I stalk the "fandom summary" page), so I didn't expect to get anything for it. So this fic came as a nice surprise! It's very suited to the world of the Decktet, mysterious and picturesque.

Jessie Saves the Day (3005 words) by flowerpowergirls28
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Boxcar Children - Gertrude Chandler Warner, Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Jessie Alden, John Carter (Boxcar Children), Benny Alden, Violet Alden, Henry Alden, George Weasley, Fred Weasley
It's Benny's first year at Hogwarts and Umbridge is trying to take over! What will Jessie and her friends do?

A fun crossover, with the Aldens attending Hogwarts. Jessie is friends with the Weasley twins. There's even a hint at a Jessie/Mr. Carter romance, which I'd mentioned in my letter and wondered if anyone would take a stab at.

And as for my story...
I got to write Psmith again! (I also wrote a Psmith story in 2012.) So I had to reread Psmith again! I love Wodehouse's writing so much, and I like to try to replicate elements of his prose—particularly in my Psmith fanfic, but then some bubble over into my other writing as well. Yaviiniia (my sister) and I sometimes include Psmithisms such as "Comrade" and "the cry goes out" in our everyday speech, so that helps make it easier to get into the Wodehouse zone. :-) Yaviiniia helped me with brainstorming for this story. My recipient had a nice letter but it was on the short side, and unfortunately after thinking for a few days I wasn't particularly feeling any of the prompts she'd mentioned. (I would have loved to give "Psmith, Barrister" a try, but I just wasn't coming up with any good ideas for it.) So I decided to branch out a bit. My recipient said "Mike and Psmith affection and friendship would make me happy" so I decided to just have Mike and Psmith hanging out together. I'm not sure which parts Yaviiniia came up with and what parts I came up with, but after a bit of conversation we decided that they would be playing board games, specifically Monopoly.

We also decided that Mike would be having beginner's luck and totally winning; and that Psmith would be the banker and cheating to an extent—but just because that's the way he is, not because he wants to win or anything as pedestrian as that. But neither of those ideas really made it fully into the finished story. One thing that did end up in the story that was not really planned was Mike & Psmith being stuck in jail almost the whole time. I had gotten my US board out and set my UK board printout on top of it and set up their pieces so I knew where they were and everything...and then I barely ended up needing it because they were just hanging out over in the corner.

I did quite a bit of research on Monopoly, even though very little ended up in the story. Apparently it was not actually invented by Charles Darrow (the traditionally cited inventor) but he was the first to effectively monetize it. Monopoly was first licensed outside the US (according to Wikipedia) in 1936, so that was the earliest date I could set my story. This meant it had to be post-series (the last book was published in 1923). I decided not to give too many details about Mike's and Psmith's post-series life, though, so hopefully it wouldn't conflict overmuch with readers' headcanons. Also while researching Monopoly, I ordered about 4 different books about it from the library, but they were all quite unhelpful, so that's why I ended up only citing websites in my notes at the end. I found out that there was a different board in the UK than in the US, and I am very glad that I learned that before writing the whole story so I didn't have to rewrite anything upon realizing that "Boardwalk" and "Park Place" wouldn't mean much to Mike & Psmith. One last fact from that Wikipedia page: apparently the SIS used a special edition of Monopoly to smuggle supplies to prisoners of war during WWII. I really wanted to include that fact in the story, but nothing doing since it's set several years before the war.

I wanted the line at the end to be a joke about Risk or Diplomacy, two notoriously acrimonious games, but since those didn't come into being until the late 1950s, I had to use Sorry (1934) instead. I briefly considered setting the story in the 1950s, but decided that was too far removed from the world of the Psmith novels and wasn't what I wanted to do at this time.

The story:

Northumberland Avenue (1064 words) by lirin
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Psmith - P. G. Wodehouse
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Rupert Psmith, Mike Jackson
Additional Tags: Board Games
Psmith is overseeing construction of a new hotel, while Mike is temporarily in jail...or are they really?

And while I was in Psmith mode this year, I finally got around to writing a crossover I'd been wanting to do for a while. Both Sgt. Bilko and Psmith have jokes about chrysanthemums, so I thought the jokes should be combined into some sort of meta-joke. And both fandoms are rather suited to ridiculous fight scenes. So, my last fanfic of 2014 (not a Yuletide story but I'll put it in here anyway):

Show Me a Chrysanthemum Lover (859 words) by lirin
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Phil Silvers Show, Psmith - P. G. Wodehouse
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Rupert Psmith, Mike Jackson, Basil Egan, Basil Egan's aunt
Additional Tags: chrysanthemums, Chrysanthemums are very dangerous..., Humor

Rupert Psmith once had to wear a chrysanthemum in his buttonhole. Corporal Basil Egan once had to fight chrysanthemum-lovers in the name of America and his maiden aunt. They are about to encounter one another—and a deceptively innocent pink chrysanthemum.

Yuletide 2014

11/2 Finally finished! Sorry again for the delay. If you're wanting to do anything crossovery, I'll be trying to get that list finished as soon as possible, but we'll see how that goes.

Dear Yuletide author,

This year, I am not requesting any fandom I've ever received before, AND I am actually branching out and requesting a non-book fandom for the first time ever. :-)  Oxford Time Travel Universe and Scarlet Pimpernel will always be the fandoms of my heart, but my other fandoms deserve their time in the sun as well. And all three of the fandoms I've requested this year are ones I totally love. I read the Henry Reed books and Boxcar Children books over and over when I was younger, and the Decktet is a really cool card deck (not a card game, but a deck that you can use to play different games with) that I discovered this year and was fascinated by.

Some of my usual preliminaries before I get to the individual fandoms. (And let me apologize up front if you don't like long Yuletide letters; I keep trying to cut my letters short but somehow they always run away with me.) I haven't written much fanfiction for a while due to health problems, but you can find what I have written on AO3. If you like stalking your recipient in depth, I'm also on Ravelry and BoardGameGeek but that's about the limit of my internet presence.

As for my preferences in fanfiction: For me, the reason I fall in love with a story is almost always the characters. That means that people being OOC will definitely bother me if there's not a reason for it, but on the flip side it means I'm totally okay with an AU or a crossover as long as the characters are recognizable. So if you have any AU or crossover leanings, that would be awesome. (Henry & Midge go on a heist with the characters of National Treasure or White Collar? The characters of the Decktet find themselves in Carcassonne's world? I also made some specific Boxcar Children fusion suggestions in the prompt below.) If you're interested, here is a list of all the fandoms I am familiar with that I can think of. I didn't get the list finished last year due to the aforementioned essay-grading job of pain, but hopefully I'll finish it before assignments go out this year...

I tend to prefer lighter-rated stuff, PG or below. I mostly write gen and I would love to receive it, but I also wouldn’t mind lightweight het. Anyway, I try to pick fandoms that aren’t known for having any explicit content (well, okay, this year's fandoms are all so tiny they aren't known for anything, but 2/3 of them are kids' books...), so hopefully you weren’t exactly planning on writing anything R-rated anyway. As far as other things that could increase a story’s rating, I’m also not big on bad language but I love action scenes. You needn’t take too much of a lead from the G-ratedness of my own fic: I still haven’t managed to ever write characters even kissing, but that doesn’t mean I object to reading a kiss in fanfic.

Anything from fluffy fluff to plotty epics is great. I’d rather not have non-canonical major character death, but I don’t mind characters being hurt or even thinking they’re dead for most of the story. I do have a bit of an embarrassment squick but as long as you don’t structure the whole plot around a character getting humiliated it probably won’t bother me overmuch.

If you get stuck and want to check out one of the other fandoms I requested, they're all pretty easy to find. The Decktet is available online and there's even an Android app of my favorite Decktet game; look below for the links. Both the Boxcar Children and the Henry Reed books should be available at any self-respecting library or major bookstore. They would be in the children's section, most likely. Be aware that Warner completely rewrote The Boxcar Children (1942) from The Box-Car Children (1924): characters' names changed, reading level totally different, probably other changes I haven't discovered since I haven't read the 1924 edition. So know that even though the 1924 book is available on Gutenberg, it's not really what you're looking for.

On to the individual requests (in alphabetical order), and then the unimportant even more random stuff that I stuck at the very end...

The Boxcar Children - Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Aldens watched her as she worked. She took a pink center on a fork, dipped it into the melted chocolate, and set the piece of candy on some waxed paper. Then with a flip of her fork she laid the curly tail across the top.

"Oh, Violet!" said Jessie. "Wouldn't that be fun? Let's try it sometime. I never knew how it was done."

The centers were pink, white, yellow, pale green, and lavender. The sister smiled at Violet and said, "Your name is Violet? Here is a good one for you." She picked up a lavender center, covered it with chocolate, and put on the tail. "You will have to wait for it to cool before you eat it," the lady said.

Houseboat Mystery, p. 46–47
Boxcar ChildrenCollapse )

The Decktet (Card Game)

The Decktet is a deck of cards with suits, ranks, and named images. It is, perhaps, the kind of tarot deck they use in the alternate universe where Charlemagne was a badger.

—Decktet description
The DecktetCollapse )

Henry Reed - Keith Robertson

"Goody, goody, I've started a gold rush!" Midge said, jumping up and down. "Wait until I tell the kids at school about this."

"Go get your camera," I suggested. "I'll get back in the stream and pretend I'm looking for more gold. It would look suspicious if we rushed off after making a find."

Henry Reed's Journey, p. 46
Henry ReedCollapse )

And my usual assorted randomness...
Random stuff that may or may not be of interestCollapse )

I'm really looking forward to reading your story! I love that Yuletide creates so much more fanfic in all the beautiful miniscule fandoms that are out there, and you're definitely going to be writing for a miniscule fandom given my idiosyncratic requests this year. I hope you have an enjoyable time writing the story...I can't wait to see it!

Thanks muchly,


Life stuff

A post on what I've been up to because otherwise it probably would have ended up in my Yuletide letter and that will probably be too long even without all this...

Wow, I haven't even posted on Livejournal since last year. I'm still dealing with the severe health issues that I mentioned in my last Yuletide letter, but at least I quit that crazy job. (It was grading school children's essays, which was kind of fun, but then they wanted a ginormous number of essays turned around over Christmas vacation, so I spent all of Christmastime stressed out and sleep deprived. I don't know how I managed to get my Yuletide story written, and I only read a couple fics other than my gifts. This year should be much better!)

Lately I've been spending my time alternating between my old standbys of knitting and earning money online (Swagbucks and Mechanical Turk), and my exciting new hobbies of spinning and learning to solve a Rubik's cube. I just got a 3x3x3 Shengshou a few days ago and I can already solve 2 layers without referring to a book or online or anything. It's a pretty slow beginner's method, but I'm more interested in the puzzle than in speed. As for the spinning:
I love it! That's my very first tiny baby skein of yarn in the background, the progress of my second (also quite tiny) yarn across the top, and the blue is my current project...now much further along; I'm more than halfway through the 4 ounces that you see in that photo. I have lots more fiber waiting in the wings for when I finish this project, too. :-)


Fandoms I'm familiar with

2016-Oct-10 I think this is up-to-date except for the not-yet-started standalone-movie section.

Because sometimes a list like this might come in handy. And it's kind of fun to put together and bring back memories. Not exhaustive. Currently IN PROGRESS. If adaptations of books aren't separate enough that I consider them separate fandoms, I did not list them again in the TV show/movie section. Probably. Not italicizing titles is slightly painful for me, but I think the formatting would be too problematic otherwise. I have had some health-related memory problems at times, so I really can't recall for certain if I've read some books; this is generally indicated below.

long list because I have read many many books in my lifetimeCollapse )

TV shows and web series
This list isn't actually that long but it got unwieldy once I formatted it with bullets...Collapse )
Movie franchises (only listed here if I've seen more than 1 in the franchise; otherwise they're under "standalone"):
Movie franchises from 1939 to the presentCollapse )
Standalone movies:

Operas and musicals...Collapse )

Graphic Novels/Manga/Comics

  • Hikaru no Go (all, both manga & anime)

  • Emma (first 2 volumes of the manga)

  • The Adventures of Tintin (all)

  • Hereville

  • xkcd (all, including "What If?" the blog and the book)

  • Calvin & Hobbes

  • Foxtrot

  • Marvel: The Avengers (first few up to when Hawkeye joins), Thor (first few, can't remember how many), Spider-man (again, the first few...most of these are because my dad who grew up on comic books insisted I read them before going to their respective movies...), Kamala Khan (No Normal)

Computer Games

  • Marvel Puzzle Quest (Have been playing for around a year; S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 46, starting the 4* transition. My favorite team is Thor [Modern], Hawkeye [Modern] and Kamala Khan [Ms. Marvel].)

  • Regency Solitaire (Played through entirely several times)

  • Puzzle Quest Galactrix (Played to the end, except for a few side quests)

  • Faerie Solitaire (Played through twice)

  • Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes (Currently stuck at the beginning of the final section)

  • Basically, if it's a golf solitaire or Puzzle Quest style game, I've probably either played it or want to. For a fuller list, see my Steam profile.


Yuletide 2013


Dear Yuletide Author,

I apologize that this letter is a few days late. I recently started a part-time job where the amount of work is extremely unpredictable, and I haven't quite gotten the hang of scheduling my other activities around that.

I've been dealing with a lot of health issues this year, so I have been taking a bit of an unplanned break from writing fanfiction. But you can find what I've done in the past on the AO3. Other than that, I don't have much of an online presence, so if you enjoy stalking your recipient in depth I'm going to be a bit of a disappointment there.

For me, the reason I fall in love with a story is almost always the characters. That means that people being OOC will definitely bother me if there's not a reason for it, but on the flip side it means I'm totally okay with an AU or a crossover as long as the characters are recognizable. So if you have any AU or crossover leanings, that would be awesome. (Henry & Midge go on a heist with the characters of National Treasure or White Collar? Totally meta where Percy, Marguerite, and Chauvelin are actually actors in a Broadway production of SP? Oxford Time Travel Universe is pretty much made for crossing over with things...) If you're interested, here is a list of all the fandoms I am familiar with that I can think of.

I tend to prefer lighter-rated stuff, PG or below. I mostly write gen and I would love to receive it, but I also wouldn’t mind lightweight het...preferably canon relationships. Anyway, I tried to pick fandoms that aren’t known for having any explicit content, so hopefully you weren’t exactly planning on writing anything R-rated anyway. As far as other things that could increase a story’s rating, I’m also not big on bad language but I love action scenes. (If you’re writing for Scarlet Pimpernel, don’t worry, I don’t mind “demmed”, “zounds”, and all that.) I am very comfortable with all of these books, so when in doubt, stay in the spirit of the book. You needn’t take too much of a lead from the G-ratedness of my own fic: I still haven’t managed to ever write characters even kissing, but that doesn’t mean I object to reading a kiss in fanfic.

Anything from fluffy fluff to plotty epics is great. I’d rather not have non-canonical major character death, but I don’t mind characters being hurt or even thinking they’re dead for most of the story. I do have a bit of an embarrassment squick but as long as you don’t structure the whole plot around a character getting humiliated it probably won’t bother me overmuch.

On to the individual requests (in alphabetical order), and then the unimportant even more random stuff that I stuck at the very end...

Henry Reed - Keith Robertson

"That was a positive stroke of genius, Henry," Midge said as I looked up the Osborn number.

"I didn't touch a thing, I swear," I said.

"Brilliant planning," Midge said. "There's only one thing you could have done better. You should have arranged it so the pool would empty into the Sebastians' basement."

There's not much use arguing with Midge when she gets an idea.

Henry Reed's Baby-Sitting Service, p. 74

Henry ReedCollapse )

Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis

And there above them at the end of the street stood St. Paul's, silver against the dark sky, the ruins all around it hidden by the darkness or transformed to enchanted gardens.

"It's beautiful," Colin breathed. "When I came here in the seventies, it was totally hidden by concrete buildings and car parks."

"The seventies?"

"1976, actually," he said. "The year they declassified the Fortitude South papers. I'd been here earlier—I mean, later—earlier and later—in the eighties. We couldn't get anything before 1960 to open or anything after 1995, when we could have gone online, so I had to do it the hard way. I came here to search the newspaper archives and the war records for clues to what might have happened."

Colin, who had wanted to go to the Crusades, spending—how long—in reading rooms and libraries and dusty newspaper morgues?

All Clear, p. 633

Oxford Time Travel UniverseCollapse )

The Scarlet Pimpernel - Baroness Orczy

A white-faced clock on the wall struck the half-hour. Sir Percy laid the pistol down upon the table, and flicked his fine, well-shaped hands one against the other.

"There now, my dear M. Chambertin," he said gaily, "we can converse more comfortably together. Do you think it would have been wise to put a charge of powder through your humble servant? We should both of us have missed much of the zest of life."

"It is always your pleasure to mock, Sir Percy," Chauvelin said with an effort. "There are various popular sayings which I might recall to your mind, such as that the pitcher went once too often to the well."

"And Sir Percy once too often to visit his friend M. Chambertin, eh?"

"I think you will find that this is so," Chauvelin rejoined trying, none too successfully, to ape his enemy's easy familiarity.

Sir Percy Hits Back, p. 265

The Scarlet PimpernelCollapse )

Star Wars: Thrawn Trilogy - Timothy Zahn

Throwing an equally unconcerned glance back their way, Luke pulled the data pad from his pocket and pretended to make an entry. Karrde played off the cue, standing beside him and spouting a stream of helpful jargon as Luke filled out his imaginary report. Letting the door slide closed, Luke stuffed the data pad back into his pocket and led the way down the corridor.

Mara was waiting at the turbolift cluster with the spare flight suit draped over her arm. "Car's on its way," she murmured. For a second, as her eyes met Karrde's, her face seemed to tighten.

"He knows you didn't betray him," Luke told her quietly.

"I didn't ask," she growled. But Luke could sense some of her tension vanish. "Here," she added, thrusting the flight suit at Karrde. "A little camouflage."

Dark Force Rising, p. 276

Thrawn TrilogyCollapse )

And assorted randomness...

Optional details are even optionallier than all the other optional detailsCollapse )

My apologies again for taking so long to finish this letter. I hope it will be of some use to you, or that you already came up with something so awesome that there was no need to wait! And speaking of waiting, I can't wait until I read your story. All four of these fandoms are ones that totally need more awesome fic in the world, so I'm looking forward to finding out what you've written!

Thanks muchly,


After a long silence...

I haven't been around much in a while...been busy offline and not had enough spare energy to write fanfic. I have a couple ideas I'm playing around with, though, so I might finally post something in the next few weeks. Oh, and I finished knitting a totally epic shawl that took me almost 3 months to make. And I've been doing Swagbucks, and saved up enough in a couple months to buy a Kromski Harp loom that just FINALLY arrived today. So excited to put it together and start weaving! I don't know why I avoided doing Swagbucks for so long...you can earn a lot more with less frustration than most of the survey websites I'd been doing before. (My referral link is here, if anyone who reads this journal is interested in looking into it. It's pretty worthwhile.)

Also worthwhile is my latest find, Tyndale Rewards, where you can earn points to get free books. Their website is www.TyndaleRewards.com, or my referral link is here. I think I might get one of their One Year Bibles.


Fanknitting: Now When the Rain Falls

I finally did another flash fanknitting design! The prompt was "warmth"...what could be more perfect? I designed some beaded fingerless gloves for Marguerite Blakeney, who sings the song "Now When the Rain Falls" on the Scarlet Pimpernel concept album. We've just had our first rain of the winter here in San Diego, so the timing is rather appropriate. Speaking of timing, though, I almost ran out of time to get these done before the deadline, especially because I had work at 4 so couldn't edit frantically right up to the deadline. (I was 5 minutes late for work as it was.) There are consequently a few changes here from the original version, mostly formatting but also adding some information. I will edit the original version on the fan_flashworks comm if I discover any errata that actually affect the knitting of the gloves.

This pattern has not been test-knit since I wrote it. (I plan to test-knit it shortly and will edit this statement when that happens.) Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all, or if you think you've discovered an error.

This pattern has been revised since posting to fix some minor errors. Most recent version was posted 06:09 12 November 2012 UTC.

Title: Now When the Rain Falls 
Fandom: The Scarlet Pimpernel
Rating: G
Content notes: none
Summary: Fingerless gloves inspired by the Scarlet Pimpernel musical.

Pattern and photosCollapse )