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May the 4th Be With You 2017

Dear Yoda (why is the fanwork creator for this exchange Yoda, anyway? What if you want to be R2-D2?),

Thank you for writing me a story or drawing me a picture! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you're going to create for me.

For each relationship, I've written a bit about how I perceive that relationship and a few prompts; and then I added art prompts at the end of the paragraph. If you're creating art, you do not need to use any of those specific prompts if you don't want to, but I just wanted to make sure you had something more concrete/image-oriented in addition to the more thinky/questiony prompts I tend towards for fic.

Feel free to combine multiple prompts if you want to. (By which I have in mind, like, combining "Galen Erso & Jyn Erso" with "Jyn Erso & Orson Krennic", but hey, if you want to combine "Mara Jade & Rey" with "Galen Erso/Lyra Erso", that's fine too and I'd love to see what you come up with...)

general dislikes:
sexual content (for textual fanworks- kissing or fade to black is A-OK, but I'd prefer if nothing more than that happens "on screen"; for visual fanworks- put the cutoff at whatever would be considered appropriate conduct in public.)
fanfic likes: happy/hopeful endings, smart people interacting, people being competent and appreciating others' competency
fanfic dislikes: people acting out-of-character, non-canonical major character death (to be specific: all Rogue One deaths can be included, although you're equally welcome to go AU or otherwise ignore them; but please don't touch on the death of Mara Jade), problems that could be solved if everybody just sat down and talked to each other, characters being embarrassed

please ignore my art likes/dislikes if it's going to cramp your style; they're just to give you a general idea of my tastes but they definitely aren't hard and fast
art likes: muted color palettes (e.g. Alan Lee's LotR art), sketchy/blurred look (I'm sure there's a more specific art word for this, but the kind of thing that results from sketching with charcoal or soft graphite, or using watercolors or pastels)
art dislikes: neon color palettes, an emphasis on the color orange, geometricness with lots of sharp angles

Rogue One
  • Galen Erso & Jyn Erso - I'd really like to see an AU where Galen survives Eadu, and one of two things happens: either Galen and Jyn, Cassian, et al. become Imperial prisoners, or the Rebels successfully retrieve Galen (and Cassian decides not to kill him for whatever reason). Jyn and her dad just didn't have any time to interact as adults in the movie (unless you count the couple moments as he was dying), and I really want to see that. (If you don't want to take it fully AU, this prompt would also work as the dying dream of either character.) Art - Either Galen being dad to adorable tiny!Jyn on Lah'mu (maybe cooking together?) or sharing a moment as adults post-Eadu (either action, or just a hug)
  • Galen Erso/Lyra Erso - They're so cute together in Catalyst, especially when Orson's not around to drive wedges in. I'd like a glimpse of them earlier in their relationship, perhaps inspired by this quote from chapter 20: "Early in their relationship, when Lyra was still doing freelance survey work, she and Galen sometimes wouldn't see each other for months at a time. Reuniting after those absences had always been a bit awkward, and finding their way back to being a couple had always taken a few days. It was something they had grown to accept, and neither of them made too much of it." I'm not thinking so much of the awkward part of it, but the experience of getting past that and finding happiness/connectedness again. Art - Galen and Lyra looking into each other's eyes. They spend so much time separated from each other—both temporarily at various times in Catalyst and later permanently—that I want to see them granted a moment of blissful connection.
  • Jyn Erso & Orson Krennic - Krennic has a complicated relationship with Jyn's father (he manipulates him and kills his wife, but he still "likes" him), and I suspect that would extend to Jyn, where although she (justifiably) hates Krennic, he might consider himself more of a kindly uncle who's just doing what's best for her. Three different prompts here... 1. What are Krennic's thoughts when Jyn reveals who she is on Scarif? Had he ever wondered what had happened to her over the years, or does this come out of nowhere for him? 2. When Jyn is a baby, back on Coruscant or en route from Vallt before that...how does Krennic feel about the child (whose name he either doesn't bother to remember, or more likely—considering how good his memory is—he doesn't wish to be seen to care that much about...why?); does he interact with her at all? He doesn't interact with children much (at all?) other than her, so is he rather uncomfortable with an infant? 3. In canon, Krennic doesn't interact with Jyn at all on Lah'mu. But how about an AU...either where Krennic captures her as well as her father (and perhaps mother), or maybe where she's found/spotted and they interact, but then somehow Lyra or Galen helps her escape (perhaps Krennic goes along with it because he thinks it will help in his future manipulations of Galen). Art - Krennic uncomfortably holding baby!Jyn; or insert Jyn into the faceoff on Lah'mu (perhaps as part of the AU I described above).
Thrawn Trilogy (& Hand of Thrawn Duology)
  • Jorj Car'das & Talon Karrde - Maybe something long before the Thrawn books, back when Karrde is only Car'das' lieutenant...we've never really seen him in a position of subordination and it would be interesting to see how he takes orders (I suspect Karrde is more like Mara than, say, Aves, in that regard, following the spirit rather than the letter of his instructions). Or something as Karrde takes over Car'das' organization...from how nervous he seems about their relationship even long afterwards in the Hand of Thrawn books, he must have been quite nervous during the takeover even if he didn't dare let anybody else see. Art -  Car'das showing off some part of his house to Karrde, like the datacard library. (Maybe spoof the Beauty & the Beast library scene in some way?)
  • Talon Karrde & Leia Organa - They both have their own goals they're working towards (which sometimes mostly align with the other's and sometimes do not), but they respect each other. I'm thinking of the scene where Karrde's not being allowed to land on Coruscant due to the asteroid blockade, and he and Leia kind of respectfully manipulate each other into a situation of mutual benefit. Perhaps after Karrde gets his Smugglers' Alliance going, there's another time where he and Leia need to respectfully negotiate and end up both coming out ahead. Or a completely different prompt: what if they're at some fancy New Republic shindig that Mara & Luke are also at, and both Karrde & Leia realize at the same time that Mara & Luke are attracted to each other? How do they react? Art - Karrde and Leia interacting at a New Republic party, both all dressed up but not relaxing because this a working occasion and they have things to accomplish. Or if you had any ideas for an illustration of the asteroid blockade scene I mentioned above (although I suspect it would be a challenge since they're in completely different places).
  • Mara Jade & Talon Karrde - They worked together for a long time and respected each other's skills. Karrde lets Mara get away with things (like starting up the ship & blowing their cover) that he wouldn't let other subordinates do because he trusts that she has a good reason for what she does. If you want, push this trust to the limits & have them figure out where those limits are. Or just give them a rollicking adventure being competent smugglers together. [For expansion of this prompt, see my Yuletide 2016 letter.] Art - maybe something actiony (a shootout in a cantina?) or together on the bridge of the Wild Karrde. If you wanted to illustrate a scene from the novels, I'd really like to see anything from the sequence where Mara and Luke rescue Karrde on the Chimaera (ch. 22-23 of Dark Force Rising). Or Mara's very first scene where she's introduced as a character, in ch. 3 of Heir to the Empire.
  • Mara Jade/Talon Karrde - All of the above, with just a push to take it AU! Not something I would have ever wanted to happen in canon (I really like Luke/Mara), but I'd enjoy seeing it explored in fic. I'm thinking of this more in terms of an AU, with Karrde's and Mara's lives taking a different direction, but I also would be interested in seeing Karrde-and-Skywalker-as-romantic-rivals. Everything I wrote above & in my Yuletide 2016 letter still applies here. Art - basically the same prompts as above, but with a bit more touching...holding hands, a hand on a shoulder or waist, perhaps an embrace (that last one probably just for the prompt where they're on the bridge, unless it's a really boring cantina fight...).
  • Mara Jade/Luke Skywalker - The old standby...this was one of my first favorite ships more than a decade ago. I'd love to see a glimpse of them on a mission together, snarking while taking out all the bad guys. Or maybe an undercover mission, where the whole goal is not to have to take out any bad guys (but of course they end up having to anyway...) Art - Back-to-back with lightsabers, or safe on Coruscant looking out at the city at night with their arms around each other. 
  • Shada D'ukal/Talon Karrde - In Vision of the Future, their relationship is left at ~Karrde: "And my relationship with Shada is nothing like that."/Han: "Neither was mine. That's okay. Give it time."~ How much time does it take before Karrde and Shada actually admit that there's more than a relationship of coworkers there? (Far longer than it takes for it to be obvious to everyone else, I suspect.) Also, we've seen most of their burgeoning relationship (as coworkers, but pretty obviously headed towards something more) through Shada's eyes, so perhaps Karrde's perspective on some of it. Or it might be fun to see the newly engaged Luke and Mara's perspective...did they see this coming, or are they surprised and wonder why Shada, of all the people Karrde could have chosen? Are they trying to encourage the relationship because they think it will help Karrde deal with Mara finally fully quitting her job, or are they worried and try to meddle in the relationship? Art - I really like the idea of one of them gazing at the other (maybe they're thinking about how much the other person is coming to mean to them) while the other person goes about their normal day-to-day duties, maybe not having noticed the watcher yet.
Thrawn Trilogy/The Force Awakens
  • Mara Jade & Rey - My favorite character from the old "sequel trilogy" and my probable favorite character from the new canonical one. And I think they'd totally get along if they met. They're both self-sufficient women who can handle a lot of situations...so what situation will you throw them into? :-) You could handle this either as a crossover (e.g. the Jade Fire gets pulled into a wormhole that takes it into an alternate universe) or a fusion (Mara Jade exists in Rey's universe, she's just never met Luke Skywalker. Or maybe she has; I mean, that island at the end of TFA has lots of room for more than one person...). Art - Mara teaching Rey how to use a lightsaber (either young or adult Rey...I have no idea what the context on this would be, but who cares...); or in the Mara-never-met-Luke fusion universe, Mara buying scavenged parts on Jakku (either directly from Rey, or Rey ends up in the picture for some other reason).
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