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Worldbuilding Exchange 2017

Dear Worldbuilder,

(If black-on-white is easier to read, I have an otherwise identical version of this letter in Google Docs.)

Thank you for writing, drawing, or otherwise making something for me! Writing this letter has made me very excited about all of these prompts so I can say with certainty that I am really looking forward to reading or viewing whatever you make for me.

This is rather a different exchange from what I'm used to. It took me a while to get my head around exactly what worldbuilding entails, but the more I figured it out, the more I got really excited for the exchange. :-) This is also the first time I've requested fanart in an exchange. I hope my prompts for it are satisfactory, as I've never done that before. (And a note: I only requested fanart for the fandoms I felt I could come up with prompts for, but art treats are welcome for all my fandoms.)

For each worldbuilding tag, I've given general thoughts on it with ideas and questions that I think could apply to any sort of fanwork. For some, I've also given prompts for each type of fanwork in case you need more specific ideas, but feel free to ignore any and all specific prompts. Also, if I specified a prompt as being for one type of fanwork but it gives you an idea for one of the other types of fanwork, go right ahead. I'm just throwing as much as I can out there in hopes that something will stick and spark an idea. :-)

As I understand it, fanfic is something with plot whereas in-universe meta is along the lines of "found documents". And then art can range from either also along the lines of "found documents" to the more usual illustration sort of art as long as it incorporates worldbuilding elements. So that's the understanding I'm coming from as I try (more or less successfully) to come up with prompts for the different fanwork types. On the other hand, I certainly wouldn't mind fanworks that blur the lines between the categories either (e.g. illustrated fanfic, found documents that communicate a plot, documents that are half art, etc.).

Feel free to combine multiple prompts within one tag or from separate tags within the same fandom if they seem to you to fit together well.

Things I am definitely okay with if you wish to use them:
I am equally okay with them not being used; I'm just listing them because I know they aren't universally liked & I wanted to make it clear they are okay.
Original characters, including inventing children/other relatives for canonical characters. (Even for the couple of fandoms where I only requested named characters, I don't mind if original characters have a large role; and for the other fandoms, canon characters needn't show up at all.)
Tenses and viewpoints other than the default third person past tense.
Experimental or unusual formats.

general dislikes:
sexual content (for textual fanworks- kissing or fade to black is A-OK, but I'd prefer if nothing more than that happens "on screen"; for visual fanworks- put the cutoff at whatever would be considered appropriate conduct in public for the applicable time period.)

fanfic likes: 
happy/hopeful endings, smart people interacting, people being competent and appreciating others' competency
fanfic dislikes: people acting out-of-character, non-canonical major character death, problems that could be solved if everybody just sat down and talked to each other, characters being embarrassed

in-universe meta likes: throwaway references & allusions
in-universe meta dislikes: don't know of any :-)

please ignore my art likes/dislikes if it's going to cramp your style; they're just to give you a general idea of my tastes but they definitely aren't hard and fast
art likes: muted color palettes (e.g. Alan Lee's LotR art), sketchy/blurred look (I'm sure there's a more specific art word for this, but the kind of thing that results from sketching with charcoal or soft graphite, or using watercolors or pastels)
art dislikes: neon color palettes, an emphasis on the color orange, geometricness with lots of sharp angles (obviously this last bit should definitely be ignored where Flatland is involved)

If you get stuck on your assignment and want to check out one of my other fandoms, three of the fandoms can be easily accessed online. Flatland (etext on Wikisource or Gutenberg) is probably the fastest to pick up; it's only ~36k although you also have to allow time to twist your brain around the weird concepts. :-) The Scarlet Pimpernel is ~85k of historical fiction (etext on Gutenberg); it has sequels but the first book is enough for most of my requests. And then there's the Kittens Game, where the main issue is that you'll accidentally get completely hooked once you click that link, and lose the next 2 or 3 days to building Libraries and researching Astronomy and trading with Nagas (not that I had that happen while I was innocently browsing the tagset, no sirree...)

Flatland - Edwin A. Abbott
No characters; Original Woman
fanart; fanfic; in-universe meta

I went with two options for the character requests. Firstly, "no characters" to indicate that you can do whatever you want with the characters (you can include characters from the novella if you wish, or I am equally okay with all original characters or no characters at all). I also requested "Original Woman" because I'm particularly interested in the glimpses we get of how life is very different for women in Flatland than for the narrator, A Square; and under each tag below I've tried to include at least one woman-centric prompt.

For all of these, I'd like it if you try not to directly contradict what we are shown of Flatland, although the narrator's opinions of why those things are the case may be contradicted all you please. (e.g. that women behave in a certain way is established in the book, but their motivation for that behavior may be quite different from what A Square thinks it is)

Worldbuilding: Alphabet and writing (Flatland)
"For this reason I must omit many matters of which the explanation would not, I flatter myself, be without interest for my Readers: as for example... our Alphabet and method of writing, adapted to our linear tablets..." –Flatland, section 11
I'd be very interested to see an exploration of how two-dimensional beings can communicate all the information they would need with the limitations they're under (at least from our perspective; from their perspective, how can there be limitations when two dimensions are all there is?). What does their alphabet look like, and how many characters does it have? Did the rules about color have any repercussions for people who had been using ink only to write, not to color their bodies? Do women, so excluded by the men, have their own writing system that perhaps is so different that the men can look right at it and not realize there's any writing there?
Worldbuilding: Female education (Flatland)
The narrator of Flatland has a very strong male bias. Perhaps some of what he says about the women of Flatland (their short memories and lack of intelligence) is true, an insurmountable result of their shape. If so, how do they overcome it (or do they)? Or are these lacks not nearly as severe as the males think, a secret kept by the women and revealed to their daughters the same as the "logical dialect" is told to the sons (section 12)? Fic-wise, it might be interesting to see the perspectives of A Square's wife or the wife of one of the circles on the Council to the events in the novella. Fic- or art-wise, perhaps some scenes of a mother teaching her daughter. Art- or meta-wise, perhaps some pages from an illegal underground schoolbook for women.
Worldbuilding: The Colour Revolt (Flatland)
(Described in Sections 8-10) Lots of interesting action and characters here, barely touched upon by A Square. My prompt is basically: show me more! Show me what it was like for the women! Did all of them lack interest in paint in the beginning, as A Square seems to imply? Show me art of "Even at a small party, the company was a pleasure to behold; the richly varied hues of the assembly in a church or theatre are said to have more than once proved too distracting for our greatest teachers and actors"! Show me some of the letters to the editor or other political discourse during this time of unrest! Show me the Universal Colour Bill itself! Show me what was going on behind the scenes (a conspiracy among the women?) that led to 23 Circles being killed by their wives!
Worldbuilding: The Gospel of Three Dimensions (Flatland)
I'm curious whether the women have any idea of three dimensions. Did A Square's wife figure anything out when they had a strange visitor (that she took for a Circle) followed by her husband's "elaborate" but "not so quite consistent with truth" explanation followed by his seemingly going crazy and then getting arrested? Or, what was one of the previous visits from the Sphere like? Did the "gospel" spread further the first time he came, before the Council knew what to expect and planned their crackdown in advance? Art prompt: it would be interesting to see an illustration of A Square's trial and/or imprisonment. (We've seen Flatland houses...what do Flatland prisons look like?) Meta or art prompt: show the writings (or ravings) of one of the previous recipients of a visit from the Sphere.

Harry Potter - Wizarding World (request #1)
Filius Flitwick; Hermione Granger; Luna Lovegood; Minerva McGonagall; Severus Snape
fanart; fanfic; in-universe meta

For this request, I chose characters that I thought would be likely to be interested in nerdy topics/higher learning. A couple of Ravenclaws, some professors who have spent much of their lives at Hogwarts and probably surrounded by books, and of course everybody knows that Hermione enjoys learning things. I'd like at least one—more is fine too :-)—of the above to make an appearance, but they need not be the focus. Other characters and original characters are welcome as you see fit. Pre-, during, and post-canon are all equally great.

Worldbuilding: Higher mathematics (Harry Potter - Wizarding World)
At Hogwarts, they study Arithmancy but none of the normal mathematics one would expect in secondary school. Can this lack be overcome by a wizard or witch who continues on to muggle higher education? Or does arithmancy contain geometry, algebra, and the other secondary math(s) subjects, and if so, what is the wizarding counterpart of calculus? Of number theory or linear algebra? (I'm not sure if calculus actually counts as "higher" mathematics, but I don't feel a need to stickle on the exact definition unless you wish to.) Maybe one of the characters realizes they need to know one of these math topics for a potion or spell they're working on. Or maybe (art and/or meta) you want to show me a few pages from a higher-math(s)-for-wizards book (maybe with margin notes from one of the characters above!).
Worldbuilding: Libraries (Harry Potter - Wizarding World)
How do wizards organize their libraries? What sort of things are found there? For the professors among this group of characters, how do they interact with the school library—giving students permissions, going there themselves, choosing which books to buy for their personal library and which to rely on the school library for (and which to buy and donate to the school library...perhaps because it would be unwise for, say, a former Death Eater, to be known to own a particular book but he still wants to have access available to it)? What is the wizarding counterpart of the Dewey Decimal system (or whatever classification system the UK uses, I'm not sure)? (A guide to "how to find the book you're looking for in the library" for classification-challenged wizards would be cool...)
Worldbuilding: Musical instruments (Harry Potter - Wizarding World)
(For this worldbuilding tag only, feel free to use Original Character(s) if you can't think of a way to include any of the characters above...although Flitwick is shown in the movie to at least conduct a choir, and both Hermione and Luna strike me as people who might learn an instrument.)
Electricity doesn't seem to work properly in the Wizarding World—how do electronic instruments work there? Are there spells that help an orchestra to stay together (and is that accepted practice or is it thought to be "cheating")? Spells to help a performer keep an even tempo...or metronome spells that do nothing but make a very even ticking noise until Finite is used? Generally, I just want to see a glimpse behind the curtain at what makes the practice of music different in the Wizarding World than it is in ours. (Hopefully the above gives ideas that would be applicable to any sort of fanwork, so the only specific prompt I'll give is that it might be cool to see some wizarding sheet music with spell indications mixed in with all the more usual stuff...and perhaps there would be other differences from muggle sheet music as well?)

Harry Potter - Wizarding World (request #2)

Minerva McGonagall; Molly Weasley; Original Character(s)
fanfic; in-universe meta

I selected these characters because McGonagall was alive during World War II and Molly Weasley's being known to knit in the books; but I think they could work the other way as well, so depending on who you matched on you can also have McGonagall knitting (tartan pattern or argyles, perhaps?) or Molly...well, she wasn't alive during the Blitz but maybe she needs to do research on it for some reason (trying to find what happened to a missing ancestor/other relative?). Of course since my other character request is Original Character(s), you needn't include any recognizable characters at all.

Worldbuilding: London Blitz (Harry Potter - Wizarding World)
If you're focusing on McGonagall, she would have been quite young during the Blitz (born Oct 1935; the Blitz is 1940-41). What would her perspective be on the events and how the adults around her were responding to them? (And what would she even be doing in London...perhaps her family or she alone is visiting some distant relative?) Or if you're going with an OC, perhaps an adult witch or wizard involved in the war against Grindelwald finds themself in London during the Blitz and needs to help the muggles (out of kindness, or because it's the only way to achieve whatever purpose they were in London for in the first place?). Or perhaps one of Molly Weasley's ancestors/other relatives went missing during the Blitz and she does some sleuthing to figure out what happened to them and if they're still alive.
Worldbuilding: Knitting (Harry Potter - Wizarding World)
Is there a wizarding equivalent of Ravelry? I know they don't have the internet, but maybe there's spells that can make a newsletter interactive or something. Can knitting be completely automated if you know enough spells, and if so do witches (or wizards) choose to knit by hand anyway? (Specifically, how does Molly Weasley, to whom family is so important, feel about this—does she feel like more "love"/"care" is given with the sweater if she spent more time on it, or is she okay with knitting it completely by spell?) In our (muggle) world, yarn shops and the general perception of knitting have changed a lot in the last few decades (e.g. how people like to refer to "not your grandmother's knitting"): has it changed comparably in the wizarding world? (Perhaps McGonagall has witnessed this if she's been knitting since she was a girl.) Is the wizarding world a few decades behind in knitting the same as they are in a lot of other areas? Do wizarding knitters use the same yarn as Muggles or is there wizard-spun (or whatever) yarn? Are there "big names"/famous knitters in the wizarding world the same as we have Elizabeth Zimmermann, Ysolda Teague, Norah Gaughan, etc. in ours? (I'm lirin on Ravelry if you are trying to get an idea of where my knitting interests lie.) In terms of meta, newsletter articles about any of the above would be fun, or perhaps a wizarding knitting pattern...how does it differ from a muggle pattern?

Kittens Game (Video Game)
No Characters; Original Kitten Scholar
fanart; fanfic; in-universe meta

I played this game a couple years ago and got up to year 230 with 60k max science before petering out...after seeing it in the tagset I got playing again (started a new game since there have been a few changes since I last played it) and as of this writing I'm almost caught up with last time (year 214, 52.75k max science, 59 kittens) but I'm promising myself that on this playthrough I'll discover spaceflight. :-)

Worldbuilding: Kitten Literature (Kittens Game)
Fanfic - a scholar or other character records what is happening around him/her. Perhaps the head scholar sends him/her on a trade expedition or s/he is present at the construction of a great building? Alternately, what is the difference between parchments and manuscripts and compendiums? Are the junior scholars only allowed to work on parchments? Maybe one of them sneaks into a locked library to peek at a compendium!
Meta - a glimpse of the kittens' literature. What are the scholars writing down in those parchments and manuscripts and compendiums? What is the kitten equivalent of "The Monk and His Cat" or other interactions between medieval scribes and cats?
Fanart - I wonder if kittens' literature doesn't involve anything we would recognize as language. It would be interesting to see a kitten document that didn't contain any recognizable words/alphabet (or perhaps even anything recognizable as writing) that yet communicates something recognizable about events in the game.

Middle Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien
Elrond; Original Archivist Character
fanfic; in-universe meta

Worldbuilding: Libraries & Archives (Middle Earth)
I'd like to see someone of one race having to access archives belonging to a different race. Does the archivist both feel scorn (or whatever emotion is applicable) towards the foreign race, but respect for all seekers of knowledge? How helpful (or not) are they?
Or, after Aragorn's coronation, does the change in rulership and removal of the threat in the East have any effect on Minas Tirith's libraries/archives (more employees? more knowledge of other races and faraway lands? concentrating on recording the recent events?)?
Or for my Elrond request: how much control does he have directly over the libraries/archives/repositories of Imladris, and how much does he delegate?
For meta, perhaps library/archive records related to any of the above.

Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis
(All nominated characters:) Badri Chaudhuri; Elizabeth Bittner; James Dunworthy; No Characters; Original Cat; Original Character(s); Original Historian
fanart; fanfic; in-universe meta

I went ahead and requested everybody in the tagset, because I'm fine with anything and everything in this fandom. I want to reiterate how totally okay I am with OCs, so don't feel you need to include anybody recognizable. Or if you want to include characters from the books, they don't have to be people in the tagset. It's completely up to you.

Worldbuilding: 2678 AD incongruity (Oxford Time Travel Universe)
“But if it isn’t the incongruity . . . ?”
“It’s part of the self-correction as well,” T.J. said.
“The self-correction of what?”
“I don’t know,” he said. “Something that hasn’t happened yet. Something that’s going to happen in-”
“-in 2678,” I said. “What’s the focus’s location?” I asked, wondering if it would be as far-flung as the date. Addis Ababa? Mars? The Lesser Magellanic Cloud?
“Oxford,” he said. “Coventry Cathedral.”
TSNotD ch. 28
I'm fascinated by the possibilities raised in this brief scene near the end of To Say Nothing of the Dog. I'd love to see an exploration of what the incongruity is. I suspect it's something huge, judging from the far-reaching effects it's had...or maybe it's surprisingly minor. Either all OCs, interacting in 2678 (are they freaking out because this came out of nowhere, or was it long expected because T.J. left thorough notes based on his simulation?)...or perhaps the OCs from 2678 AD need to travel to the time of one of the OTTU novels (or to the invention of the net) and interact with the more familiar characters (can the characters from 2678 reveal that they are time travelers, or not?) to solve the incongruity.
Worldbuilding: History of the net (Oxford Time Travel Universe)
For meta, I'd love excerpts from a textbook. I'd also love to see (whether in art or fic) Dunworthy (or Kivrin, or Colin, or Ned, or Polly, or...) teaching a class on the history of the net. How do their personal experiences affect the instruction they provide? Art-wise, does Ned bring a cat as a visual aid to one of his classes? :-)
Worldbuilding: Science and study of time travel (Oxford Time Travel Universe)
I'm envisioning a bunch of technobabble for this one...a bunch of explanations that sound plausible as something a scientist working on the net would say, but that don't actually elucidate the reader since that science doesn't actually exist. :-) How much are net techs' course of study separate from historians? I assume pretty completely, considering that we don't ever see historians pressed into tech duty, even when Dunworthy was getting desperate—but surely historians have to take some sort of "intro to the net" class? What does this class look like and who teaches it? Or show me Badri or Warder or Linna taking classes, or T.J. putting together all the different sims he comes up with in TSNotD. Some of those prompts would work for art, but another specific art prompt would be a stack of textbooks or the study area of a historian or net tech. What do they look like?
Worldbuilding: Time travelers not associated with Oxford (Oxford Time Travel Universe)
So everybody we've been shown in the stories...probably because they're the "Oxford" Time Travel stories...is associated with Oxford University. What's going on outside their little section of academia? Either elsewhere in academia (rival universities, either trying to catch up or maybe secretly ahead of them?) or in business (TSNotD says [ch. 6] "The multinationals who'd been backing Darby and Gentilla lost interest" after it was discovered that nothing from the past could be brought through the net, but perhaps underground experiments still continued. And of course there would be some sort of resurgence of interest after the discovery that is made in TSNotD.); either in the UK or all around the globe (is there cooperation or political tension between the time travelers of different countries?). What happens when they run into each other in the past? (Or in the present...art of people arguing with each other outside the net while wearing very fashions from very disparate historical eras would be fun!)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Galen Erso
fanfic; in-universe meta

I've only seen the movie once and have not yet read the novelization, so my memory of details may be a bit foggy. (So if you see anything in the prompt and think "but that was totally addressed in the movie/book!', that's why; and feel free to either keep or ignore any parts of the prompt that are thereby jossed.)

Worldbuilding: Data storage (Rogue One)
In terms of fic, I think it would be lovely to see Galen Erso put in the storage chamber the plans that his daughter and Cassian eventually retrieve. Are they the only copy, or is this a backup location? Why are the plans so hard to access...is that just the way things are (and if so why?) or is it a specific choice just for storage of some particular items? Does Galen retain notes on the construction of the Death Star, or when he places the plans in storage are they now gone as far as he's concerned? In terms of meta, perhaps in-universe documents related to any portion of the above, like instructions for the data storage unit or records from the data storage unit of each time the plans were accessed (does their last access by Jyn get recorded as well)? Does Galen have to keep notes on what changes he wants to make in between each time he accesses the plans since he can't access them at a moment's notice?

The Scarlet Pimpernel - Baroness Orczy
(All nominated characters:) Andrew Ffoulkes; Armand Chauvelin; Marguerite Blakeney; No Characters; Original Character(s); Percy Blakeney; The Prince of Wales
fanart; fanfic; in-universe meta

For this fandom, I again requested everybody in the tagset, so you can focus on any actual or original characters (or none at all) that you please. (And if minor members of the League factor into your story, I am equally okay if you take them from the various lists that Orczy and her son made at times—there's one on Wikipedia—or if you just make somebody up.) If you haven't read all the novels, that's fine; although I certainly enjoy references to character development that occurs in the other novels, I'm equally okay if you just make up backstory for them...and most of my prompts relate mostly to the first book anyway.

Worldbuilding: Arranging routes out of Paris/through France (The Scarlet Pimpernel)
The Pimpernel always knows how to get the people he has rescued out of Paris, through France, and across the Channel to England. How does he know? What safe houses and contacts does he have arranged, and especially, how did he manage to arrange them in the first place? Letters between the Pimpernel and his allies and maps would be welcome here as well as fic.
Worldbuilding: English people learning to pass as French (The Scarlet Pimpernel)
Sure, the Leaguers probably all learned French when they were growing up, but there's a big difference between knowing how to speak French (even if you have a good accent) and being able to convince a French person that you are also French. How did they manage the second? (Training montage!) Did Percy choose people that he trusted could pass as French, or did he choose people that he just plain trusted and then helped them learn to accomplish the latter? Again, letters between him and the Leaguers would be great, or excerpts from Percy's private notes.
Worldbuilding: In-universe RPF fanfiction and fandom (The Scarlet Pimpernel)
"Heard of the Scarlet Pimpernel?" she retorted with a long and merry laugh, "Faith man! we talk of nothing else. . . . We have hats 'a la Scarlet Pimpernel'; our horses are called `Scarlet Pimpernel'; at the Prince of Wales' supper party the other night we had a `souffle a la Scarlet Pimpernel.' (SP ch. 8)
Fandom in the 1790s took a somewhat different form than modern fandom, but it certainly existed, and it's quite clear in the SP novels that there is quite a fandom for the mysterious Scarlet Pimpernel. I'd love to see fanfiction written by some besotted young lady in 1792...or Percy's or Marguerite's reaction when they accidentally read it. ('Did you really swordfight ten men single-handed?') Or perhaps an artistic depiction or the minutes from a meeting of the Society for Appreciation of the Scarlet Pimpernel, or whatever they would have called a Scarlet Pimpernel fanclub back then.
Worldbuilding: Knitting (The Scarlet Pimpernel)
The very first time we meet the Scarlet Pimpernel, in chapter 1 of SP, he had been passing as one of the tricoteuses—women who sat near the guillotine and knit during executions. Leaving aside the question of how he managed to pass as a woman, how did he know how to knit? Where did he learn, and who taught him? (I'd love to see art of a young Percy being taught to knit...by some beloved childhood nurse, perhaps?) Or had Percy never had the remotest interest in knitting (thinking it women's work perhaps) until suddenly he realized he had to know, because a tricoteuse was the perfect disguise for his next plan? Was he able to learn how extremely quickly...or did he think he'd be able to learn quickly, but actually it was much more difficult than he'd assumed? (This prompt ended up a bit Percy-centric...if you're writing one of the other characters, I'd be equally interested in seeing one of them learning to knit. Did Marguerite learn to knit as a child, or did Percy teach her as preparation for a rescue mission she was helping with? Did the Leaguers have to hold group knitting lessons? Did Chauvelin or the Prince of Wales stumble across said group knitting lesson?)
Worldbuilding: Knowledge in England of the Pimpernel's identity (The Scarlet Pimpernel)
The Pimpernel's identity seems reasonably well hidden throughout the course of the stories. It is generally suspected though that the Prince of Wales is aware of his identity...is this indeed the case, and how does he find out? (Does Percy sit him down one day—"I have something to tell you" and the prince assumes he's getting married or something—or does he initially keep the prince in the dark but then the prince stumbles across a secret planning meeting or something?) Or on a completely different note, how long after the events of the novels does the Pimpernel's identity remain a secret? Do Percy & Marguerite's children know about it growing up, or do they find out after they're adults? Do any of the Blakeneys' non-Leaguer friends ever find out? Perhaps the news leaks out at a ball a decade or so later (or Chauvelin comes back, bent on revenge or something, and reveals Percy's identity on purpose)...how do people react to the revelation? Do they find it hard to believe or does it explain some things they'd been wondering about for a while?

Star Wars Legends: Thrawn Trilogy - Timothy Zahn
Mara Jade; Talon Karrde
fanfic; in-universe meta

Worldbuilding: Heirarchy of Karrde's organization (Thrawn Trilogy)
When Mara Jade is first introduced in chapter 3 of Heir to the Empire, she's only been with Karrde's organization for 5.5 months, yet Karrde says he wants her to be his second in command. On the other hand, when she's not around, Aves seems to slot right into that role. Was he Karrde's second in command or in line for that role before Mara came around? Karrde's perspective on them from The Last Command ch. 12: "Aves was a good enough man, but he needed things laid out in front of him that Mara would have instantly picked up on her own." This makes me wonder what the overall structure/heirarchy of Karrde's group is. For fic, maybe a story about a mission where everyone needs to perform their roles well and take orders for it to work out properly...or maybe something from Aves' perspective trying to figure out his standing in the organization now that Mara's being leapfrogged over his head. In terms of meta, maybe some of Karrde's private files related to hiring/evaluating employees or anything else you can think of about his organizational structure! This entry was originally posted at http://lirin-lirilla.dreamwidth.org/2005.html. Please comment there using OpenID.



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