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Chocolate Box 2017

Dear Chocolate Box writer,

Thank you for writing a story for me! I'm really looking forward to it.

I'll be reusing prompts from assorted past letters, so don't worry: any difference in request length is definitely not indicative of how much I like the fandom...the most it would mean is that I've requested the fandom before and had lots of text available to copy/paste. :-)

likes: happy/hopeful endings, smart people interacting, people being competent and appreciating others' competency, crossovers
dislikes: people acting out-of-character, non-canonical major character death, problems that could be solved if everybody just sat down and talked to each other, characters being embarrassed, character studies where nothing at all happens, sexual content (kissing or fade to black is A-OK, but I'd prefer if nothing more than that happens "on screen")

If you're interested in writing me a crossover, here is a list of almost all the fandoms I'm familiar with. Any of them is totally fair game for a crossover as far as I'm concerned! (And of course there's all the lovely crossover pairings listed below as well.)

Feel free to combine multiple prompts if you wish.

Some of these relationships, especially the crossover ones, would be difficult to set up in 300 words. If you want, it would be fine to skip the setup and explanation of how the crossovered characters ended up in the same universe (or how the noncanonical couple ended up together), and skip straight to the characters interacting. (Which is not to say that I am at all opposed to a slow setup if you have the time & space for it...I just want to make sure you don't feel obliged since this exchange has such a short minimum.)

And now on to the fandoms, in alphabetical order...

Crossover Fandom
  • Agent 86 (Get Smart) & Simon Illyan (Vorkosigan) - Illyan is my favorite Vorkosigan character, and I am a bad person for saddling him with 86 when he already has to deal with Miles. I'm assuming 86 works for ImpSec, but no matter where he is I'm sure he gives Illyan headaches just as bad as the Chief's.
  • Agent 99 (Get Smart) & Peggy Carter (Agent Carter) - Female agents working together! If 86 doesn't get in the way, maybe they'll even get something accomplished! Maybe either a mission fic or Peggy coming to visit 99 at the Smarts' home?
  • Edmund Pevensie (Narnia) & Lord Peter Wimsey -  I'd be interested either in a crossover (timelines would make this most likely post-Wimsey books since those are set 1920s-1935 & Narnia is 1940-1940) or a fusion involving the Narnian/Calormene/whatever counterpart of Wimsey. Perhaps Edmund (either in England or Narnia) consults Wimsey for his help in solving a mystery. If they're in England, it would be interesting if you could bring in Narnian elements (e.g. Edmund has lived longer than his age indicates; do circumstances lead him to need to tell Wimsey about Narnia & if so does he belive him?). If in Narnia (or in surrounding lands) I'd look forward to seeing what's different and what's the same about a Narnian analog of Wimsey. [Feel free to bring in other characters; some of my favorites would be the other Pevensies & Bunter, Parker, St George, and Harriet.]
  • Edmund Pevensie (Narnia) & Rupert Psmith (Wodehouse) - We always see the Pevensies on school holidays and we see a lot of Psmith at school. Does Edmund go to school with Psmith? Or do they run into each other on a train? Does Edmund tell Psmith about Narnia, and if so, how does Psmith take it? If not, how does he feel pretending to have normal interaction (or as normal as it can be when Psmith is involved) while having such a big secret? (The Psmith books were written a few decades earlier than Narnia; I'm picturing doing a bit of handwaving & having them be the same age, but if you'd rather not do that you could also have Psmith be an adult teacher at Edmund's school.)
  • Loki (MCU) & Edmund Pevensie (Narnia) - Saw this in the tagset and thought it sounded like fun! Both of these characters have traveled between worlds, so you have lots of options for where to set this. These characters both start out a bit unhappy and jealous of their older siblings, but whereas Edmund repents after his big mistake (and is given the option of doing so through Aslan saving him from the White Witch), Loki does not seem to repent, nor does his family seem to offer him as much forgiveness as Edmund receives; but he also ends up in worse circumstances, with Thanos et al., and didn't necessarily have the opportunity Edmund had. It would be interesting to look at how much of the direction they went was because of their innate character vs. their circumstances; perhaps this would involve them being thrown together in some situation where they need to work together and arguing about how they should solve the situation, or perhaps one of them is magicked into the other's situation and horrifies the other with how totally differently they handle those circumstances? Just a bit of brainstorming, feel free to take it in completely different directions if you prefer...
  • Neal Caffrey & Peter Burke (White Collar) & Parker & Eliot Spencer & Alec Hardison (Leverage) ...or...
  • Neal Caffrey (White Collar) & Parker (Leverage) ...or...
  • (or I'd also be interested in any subset of the above that includes Neal & at least one member of the Leverage team) - I must admit I've only seen half of the first season of Leverage (will get around to the rest eventually), but I've read several crossovers of it with White Collar and I really like the dynamic that bringing in the Leverage characters gives to White Collar. I'm thinking either something pre-White Collar where Neal and whoever end up stealing/forging/whatever the same thing, or during White Collar where some crime the Leverage team commits comes to Peter's and Neal's attention. [Other notes: I totally don't mind if you reference stuff from later seasons of Leverage, as long as you don't mind that I won't pick up on it until I'm rereading the story years from now after finishing watching the series. :-) If you want to include other characters: I'm not really familiar with anybody outside the Leverage team (but I don't mind you including characters I'm not familiar with); in White Collar I'm not a big fan of Sara Ellis; I'd love to see El and/or Satchmo show up.]
  • Neal Caffrey (White Collar) & Ben Gates (National Treasure) - Somebody who likes stealing things but sometimes tries not to, with somebody who doesn't want to steal stuff but somehow ends up needing to. Does Ben recruit Neal to help him forge something? (The Declaration of Independence? A page from the President's super-secret book?) Do they know each other from way back but Ben was always the "crime is bad" one, and Neal thinks he's a total hypocrite when he hears about the Declaration heist?
  • Peggy Carter (Agent Carter) & Della Street (Perry Mason) - Ooh, more competent-women-being-competent-together! Not sure how the timing is going to work out on this one; you can either have Peggy be way older or I'm fine with you just picking a decade to set it in with both characters being the same age. (FYI, the Perry Mason novels go back to the '30s, so if you like sticking with canon that's probably the easiest way to fuse them.) Maybe Peggy has something come up in her personal life & doesn't want S.H.I.E.L.D. involved/finding out so she hires Mason and meets Della that way. Or perhaps Della & Peggy became friends at some point (penpals growing up? better explanation that I haven't come up with yet?) and now that they're adults they meet up once in a while but struggle with not being able to talk about what's happening at work. [If their relationships come up: I kind of ship Della/Perry but please tread lightly around the power differential. If you'd rather ship Della with somebody else, whether OC or in either fandom, that is totally okay as well. I don't really ship Peggy/Sousa, but if you want to that's okay b/c it seems to be the going ship (but keep it in the background). Peggy/Cap is of course awesome and I also like Peggy/Wilkes.] I am familiar with both the Perry Mason novels and the TV show. I have not seen the 2nd half of season 2 of Agent Carter.
  • Rey (Star Wars) & Mara Jade (Star Wars: Legends) - My favorite character from the old "sequel trilogy" and my probable favorite character from the new canonical one. And I think they'd totally get along if they met. They're both self-sufficient women who can handle a lot of situations...so what situation will you throw them into? :-) You could handle this either as a crossover (e.g. the Jade Fire gets pulled into a wormhole that takes it into an alternate universe) or a fusion (Mara Jade exists in Rey's universe, she's just never met Luke Skywalker).
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
I read these all in one week (okay, 9 days) my junior year of college and have been a fan ever since. I've read a lot of fic in it but I've only requested it once before in an exchange, 'cause I usually do small-fandom exchanges. Snape's my favorite character and Neville my second favorite, as might be apparent from my requests.

When I requested the same relationship as either & or /, I've combined it into one paragraph so I don't repeat myself too much.
  • Charity Burbage & Severus Snape (Rowling) ...or...
  • Charity Burbage/Severus Snape (Rowling) - Maybe it was only because she was all out of options, but for whatever reason, Burbage thought it was worthwhile to ask Snape for help right before she was going to die. Was there a background between them that led her to think so? I'd like to see them as coworkers and perhaps friends in the years prior to that, maybe developing into romance (if you're taking the shippy route). I would not be opposed to an AU where Charity survives if you wanted to go in that direction. What if Snape had blown his cover & answered her question? Could he have saved her?
  • Poppy Pomfrey & Severus Snape (Rowling) ...or...
  • Poppy Pomfrey/Severus Snape (Rowling) - Considering Snape seems to help with potions and such at the school, it seems likely that these two would end up working together. I'd particularly like to see something where they had a pre-existing friendship/relationship that is tested by differing opinions over the Carrows in Year 7, with Snape feeling that he's already risking enough and Pomfrey (dealing with so many injured students) wanting him to do more. Or, if you want to go earlier...does Snape hold the fact that Pomfrey used to help Lupin when he was a student against her? How does that affect their friendship/relationship now that they're both working at Hogwarts?
  • Filius Flitwick & Severus Snape (Rowling) - Two heads of house who we don't see interacting much. I think Snape would respect Flitwick since he's presumably pretty intelligent as the head of Ravenclaw house. Not sure whether we know what Flitwick thinks of Snape; we don't really see that much of Flitwick as far as I can recall. The main incident that comes to mind of them interacting is when they kind of ganged up on Lockhart. It might be fun to see their shared scornful opinions of some of the lower-quality teachers that Hogwarts seems to attract. Another thing that would be interesting would be stuff set during seventh year, with struggling with keeping secrets on Snape's side and trying to decide how collegial (or not) to be on Flitwick's side; I also wouldn't mind Flitwick (or others of the professors) figuring out that Snape's not as much their enemy as he seems.
  • Neville Longbottom & Luna Lovegood (Rowling) ...or...
  • Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood (Rowling) - I really like seeing these two interact, whether as friends or as more than that. Of all the characters in Harry's generation, I think they're the ones I have the most in common with. If you're writing their relationship as gen, I'm equally okay either if you want to write them as pre-relationship, if you want to have them both be with the characters Rowling has said they ended up with, or if you don't mention romantic relationships at all. If you're going shippy, I'd enjoy seeing their very first steps in their relationship, but scenes from an established relationship would also be great. I'd really like something either during year 7, keeping the DA going without Harry; or after the war navigating life outside of school.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Thorne & Rowling
I'm not sure whether I consider Cursed Child canon, as opposed to classifying it as, say, an alternate universe or 'one way things could have gone'...but then I've always leaned a bit EWE/things go AU somewhere in books 5-7 anyway. Regardless, I really enjoyed reading this play.
  • Hermione Granger & Severus Snape (Cursed Child) - I like that in Act 3, scenes 5-9 we get to see good-guy!Snape not having to pretend to be something he's not, which we don't really get to see more than a couple glimpses of in canon. He's still not nice, but he's an intelligent and intriguing character and I was disappointed he wasn't around longer. Snape and Hermione (and Ron, whom you're welcome to include) seem to have been working together for quite a while when we meet them, and I think they respect each other despite the bickering Scene 6 opens with. Maybe something as they end up working together or while they're working from the shadows. Possible prompts: In this universe, how does Hermione find out that Snape's a good guy? How did Snape survive the Battle of Hogwarts with his life and cover intact? Does Snape willingly reveal his love for Lily or is it found out some other way? How do Snape & Hermione end up on a first name basis? Character death is okay (and perhaps unavoidable) for this request but I'd like it if you could keep it hopeful despite that.

Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis
I really like reading about history so you'd think that'd be why I love these books. And it certainly doesn't hurt, but as it happens, it's the characters that really made me fall in love with them.
  • Mary Ahrens & Colin Templer - We don't get to see them interacting very much, and obviously from the muffler she doesn't know a lot about young boys, but I still suspect that at the beginning of Doomsday Book, Mary Ahrens is one of the most positive influences in Colin's life. I'd like to see something at any point in their life, whether when he's a little kid wishing his mom could be more like his great-aunt (if that's the case), or during Doomsday Book wishing his great-aunt wasn't so busy, or after the book looking back and reflecting on their relationship.
  • Kivrin Engle & Colin Templer - We don't see these characters together much in the books, but they're both Dunworthy's proteges and would probably end up interacting. I'd be equally interested in something set soon after Doomsday Book (spending time with each other because few others will understand what they experienced), or something further in the future (does Kivrin advise Colin on his educational decisions? does he confide in her about his crush/feelings for Polly?)
  • Mr Goode/Merope Ward - We mostly see them interacting during Blackout, and by the time we see them together at the end of All Clear it's clear there's something more there. I'd like to see that "something more" developing, whether in letters while he's away, or perhaps seeing his perspective on some of their earlier interactions. Or on a completely different tangent, something far after the war, perhaps dealing with Binnie & Alf's teenage/college hijinks or worrying about how they're going to react to a new sister or brother. Another idea: does Mr. Goode know Merope is a time-traveller? When does he guess/find out?
  • Polly Churchill/Colin Templer - I'd like to see Colin and Polly after Blackout/All Clear, figuring out how to handle the out-of-orderness of their relationship. I do think they both care for each other...I don't want to see Polly feeling trapped into a relationship out of gratitude; Polly feeling overwhelmed and acting like she doesn't care for him because she doesn't know how to handle all that's happened, on the other hand, would be something I'd love to read (although I'd really like if it ends on a brighter note because I'm a sucker for happy endings). [See my Yuletide 2016 letter for expansion of this prompt.] Dealing with all of the above would obviously be a bit much for 300 words, so maybe just pick a moment or two out of their burgeoning relationship and show me that! 
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
Both of my requests for this fandom are non-canonical ships where at least some attraction/interest exists in canon. Show me what would have been different if these characters had ended up together! Perhaps they live happily ever after...or perhaps things would have gone horribly and they're very lucky it didn't actually work out that way for them in the book.
  • Elizabeth Bennet/Colonel Fitzwilliam - In canon, these two like each other but know that marriage would not be wise so they never seriously consider it. In your AU, what causes this thinking to change? Perhaps a misunderstanding leads to a situation where they have to marry for propriety's sake, perhaps Colonel Fitzwilliam gains a fortune and pursues her (do he & his cousin end up as romantic rivals?), or perhaps (in a world where Mr. Darcy married someone else for whatever reason) they eventually tire of looking for other options and end up together. Although I usually prefer happy endings, you don't have to give them one if that's not how you see their relationship working out. (Although happy endings are great too!) Or if you want to break them up to put the canonical Elizabeth/Darcy back together, I wouldn't mind that either. In other words, whatever direction you want to take their relationship in, as long as it's further than it got in canon, would be of interest to me.
  • Mary Bennet/William Collins - I've long thought that Mr. Collins would have had much more luck if he'd just tried once more after striking out on the first two Bennet sisters. I mean, asking him to read more sermons or whatever is totally Mary's way of flirting, right? Any point in their relationship would be of interest to me...the proposal, her sisters' reaction, reading books together after they're married, Elizabeth visiting them when they're living near Rosings, a first child...

Star Wars Legends: Thrawn Trilogy - Timothy Zahn
Zahn's books hit a lot of tropes I like, with plots that don't rely on anybody doing anything dumb, and lots of Chessmaster characters. For all of these, you can either stick with the EU as we knew it before Ep. VII came out, or you can do any sort of fusion you wish with the world of Ep. VII. (e.g. Luke's & Leia's lives can go the direction they go in the EU or the direction they go in what is now canon, and the original-to-the-EU characters can exist in the now-canonical universe or they can stay in the universe they're in).
All of these relationships epitomize that "smart people interacting with smart people" and "people being competent and appreciating others' competency" tropes I mentioned above under my likes, so feel free to play those up as much as you want.
  • Mara Jade & Leia Organa (Thrawn Trilogy) - Their respect for each other grows throughout the Thrawn Trilogy. They're different women with very different life trajectories, but they get past that and respect each other for who she is. Of course it doesn't help Leia that Mara keeps threatening to kill her brother. How does she get past that? I can't remember if they've ever been on a ship together just (or almost) the two of them, so that might be interesting to see.
  • Mara Jade & Talon Karrde (Thrawn Trilogy) - They worked together for a long time and respected each other's skills. Karrde lets Mara get away with things (like starting up the ship & blowing their cover) that he wouldn't let other subordinates do because he trusts that she has a good reason for what she does. If you want, push this trust to the limits & have them figure out where those limits are. Or just give them a rollicking adventure being competent smugglers together. [For expansion of this prompt, see my Yuletide 2016 letter.]
  • Mara Jade/Talon Karrde (Thrawn Trilogy) - All of the above, with just a push to take it AU! Not something I would have ever wanted to happen in canon (I really like Luke/Mara), but I'd enjoy seeing it explored in fic. I'm thinking of this more in terms of an AU, with Karrde's and Mara's lives taking a different direction, but I also wouldn't mind seeing Karrde-and-Skywalker-as-romantic-rivals. Everything I wrote above & in my Yuletide 2016 letter still applies here.
  • Talon Karrde & Luke Skywalker (Thrawn Trilogy) - Again with the very different people respecting each other. I'd like to see Karrde's perspective on the Jedi, coming to think of him as a person & then as a friend after originally just thinking of him as this famous warrior that oops we have to take prisoner. Or for a different prompt, how does Karrde feel about Luke (eventually) stealing away his right-hand woman?

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