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GenEx 2016

Dear GenEx writer,

I mostly write gen and would read a higher percentage of it if there was more of it out there, so this seems like the perfect exchange for me. :-)

likes: happy/hopeful endings, smart people interacting, people being competent and respecting competency in others, crossovers, plottiness
dislikes: people acting out-of-character, major character death, problems that could be solved if everybody just sat down and talked to each other, characters being embarrassed, sexual content

I'm writing this in the middle of the night & don't want to wake everybody up tracking down books, so apologies if there are any minor canonical errors due to my writing the prompts off the top of my head or with no more than wiki consultation.

All of the fandoms I'm requesting are ones I have been into for a while & really like, so no matter which one you matched on, I'm very excited to read a story in it! In (almost) alphabetical order:

Crossover Fandom

Starting off with some rather wacky combos...
  • Agent 86 (Get Smart) & Simon Illyan (Vorkosigan) - Illyan is my favorite Vorkosigan character, and I am a bad person for saddling him with 86 when he already has to deal with Miles. I'm assuming 86 works for ImpSec, but no matter where he is I'm sure he gives Illyan headaches just as bad as the Chief's.
  • Agent 99 (Get Smart) & Peggy Carter (Agent Carter) - Female agents working together! If 86 doesn't get in the way, maybe they'll even get something accomplished! Maybe either a mission fic or Peggy coming to visit 99 at the Smarts' home?
  • Edmund Pevensie (Narnia) & Psmith - We always see the Pevensies on school holidays and we see a lot of Psmith at school. Does Edmund go to school with Psmith? Or do they run into each other on a train? Does Edmund tell Psmith about Narnia, and if so, how does Psmith take it? If not, how does he feel pretending to have normal interaction (or as normal as it can be when Psmith is involved) while having such a big secret? (The Psmith books were written a few decades earlier than Narnia; I'm picturing doing a bit of handwaving & having them be the same age, but if you'd rather not do that you could also have Psmith be an adult teacher at Edmund's school.)
  • Mara Jade (Star Wars Legends) & Rey (Star Wars ST) - My favorite character from the old "sequel trilogy" and my probable favorite character from the new canonical one. And I think they'd totally get along if they met. They're both self-sufficient women who can handle a lot of situations...so what situation will you throw them into? :-) You could handle this either as a crossover (e.g. the Jade Fire gets pulled into a wormhole that takes it into an alternate universe) or a fusion (Mara Jade exists in Rey's universe, she's just never met Luke Skywalker).
  • Neal Caffrey (White Collar) & Ben Gates (National Treasure) - Somebody who likes stealing things but sometimes tries not to, with somebody who doesn't want to steal stuff but somehow ends up needing to. Does Ben recruit Neal to help him forge something? (The Declaration of Independence? A page from the President's super-secret book?) Do they know each other from way back but Ben was always the "crime is bad" one, and Neal thinks he's a total hypocrite when he hears about the Declaration heist?
  • Peggy Carter (Agent Carter) & Della Street (Perry Mason) - Ooh, more competent-women-being-competent-together! Not sure how the timing is going to work out on this one; you can either have Peggy be way older or I'm fine with you just picking a decade to set it in with both characters being the same age. (FYI, the Perry Mason novels go back to the '30s, so if you like sticking with canon that's probably the easiest way to fuse them.) Maybe Peggy has something come up in her personal life & doesn't want S.H.I.E.L.D. involved/finding out so she hires Mason and meets Della that way. Or perhaps Della & Peggy became friends at some point (penpals growing up? better explanation that I haven't come up with yet?) and now that they're adults they meet up once in a while but struggle with not being able to talk about what's happening at work. [If their relationships come up: I kind of ship Della/Perry but please tread lightly around the power differential. If you'd rather ship Della with somebody else, whether OC or in either fandom, that is totally okay as well. I don't really ship Peggy/Sousa, but if you want to that's okay b/c it seems to be the going ship (but keep it in the background). Peggy/Cap is of course awesome and I also like Peggy/Wilkes.] I am familiar with both the Perry Mason novels and the TV show.
Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis

All of my prompts include my favorite character, Edmund the Just. He did a terrible thing in the first book but then managed to come back from that and be a wiser person because of it. I'd like to see something after that point, showing how Narnia has given him more inner maturity and a better relationship with his siblings. I'd particularly like something set in England post-Dawn Treader, perhaps even during The Last Battle (that fateful traintrip?).
  • Edmund Pevensie & Eustace Scrubb - When they return to England, Eustace is a lot more mature than when he left. How does this affect his relationship with Edmund? How does the fact that they both know Edmund will never return but Eustace probably will affect their relationship on both sides? Would also be interested in their interactions as a subset of the Seven Friends of Narnia (e.g. when the group agrees that Eustace & Jill are to go back, how do Edmund & Eustace each feel about this decision).
  • Edmund Pevensie & Lucy Pevensie - In the second book, Edmund is the first one to believe Lucy, and a lot of this is because he feels guilty about lying about her before. As they get older, does he continue to feel like he needs to make this up to her at all? Also, when Peter and Susan are told they can't return but Edmund and Lucy know they might, how does this shared knowledge affect their relationship?
  • Edmund Pevensie & Susan Pevensie - Susan has been interpreted different ways as a character. I've heard people criticize Lewis for damning Susan from Narnia over lipstick, but I always thought the cause-and-effect were the other way round: that she rejected Narnia because she had other priorities—going out with boys, presumably, although that could also be unreliable narration—and probably also because she found it hard to believe in Narnia when she wasn't actually there. I'd like to see Edmund & Susan interacting somewhere in the gap of years where she makes this transition. It must be painful for Edmund to see Susan reject something so important for something he thinks is a much lower priority, while on Susan's side it's hard for her to see her brother (& the rest of their family) insisting on believing something she doesn't think is real, & maybe pushing her brother to lighten up & go on a few dates. If you want to write something less fraught, another thing that would be fun to see would be Edmund & Susan plotting together to escape Rabadash (in The Horse & His Boy).

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

I read these all in one week (okay, 9 days) my junior year of college and have been a fan ever since. I've read a lot of fic in it but I don't think I've requested it in an exchange before, 'cause I usually do small-fandom exchanges. Snape's my favorite character and Neville my second favorite, as is probably apparent from my requests.
  • Augusta Longbottom & Neville Longbottom - They were pushed into a different relationship than most grandparents/grandchildren due to tragedy. I'd like to see either or both of their perspectives looking back on this after Neville is an adult. (Also, how does Augusta feel about Neville's transition from being shy & clumsy to one of the heroes of the second war against Voldemort?)
  • Charity Burbage & Severus Snape - Maybe it was only because she was all out of options, but for whatever reason, Burbage thought it was worthwhile to ask Snape for help right before she was going to die. Was there a background between them that led her to think so? I'd like to see them as coworkers and perhaps friends in the years prior to that. (I would not be opposed to an AU where Charity survives if you wanted to go in that direction. What if Snape had blown his cover & answered her question? Could he have saved her?) By the way, I do not like the way the "Severus, please" line is altered in the movie to add "We're friends." Not a big deal and I'm not sure why it bugs me, but I thought I'd mention it.
  • Filius Flitwick & Severus Snape - Two heads of house who we don't see interacting much. I think Snape would respect Flitwick since he's presumably pretty intelligent as the head of Ravenclaw house. Not sure whether we know what Flitwick thinks of Snape; we don't really see that much of Flitwick as far as I can recall. The main incident that comes to mind of them interacting is when they kind of ganged up on Lockhart. It might be fun to see their shared scornful opinions of some of the lower-quality teachers that Hogwarts seems to attract. Another thing that would be interesting would be stuff set during seventh year, with struggling with keeping secrets on Snape's side and trying to decide how collegial (or not) to be on Flitwick's side; I also wouldn't mind Flitwick (or others of the professors) figuring out that Snape's not as much their enemy as he seems.
  • Neville Longbottom & Luna Lovegood - I really like seeing these two interact as friends. Of all the characters in Harry's generation, I think they're the ones I have the most in common with. I've mentioned elsewhere that I ship them (although the one time I tried to write a fic shipping them it turned into gen friendship fic), but I'm equally okay either if you want to write them as pre-relationship, if you want to have them both be with the characters Rowling has said they ended up with, or if you don't mention romantic relationships at all. I'd really like something either during year 7, keeping the DA going without Harry; or after the war navigating life outside of school.
Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis

One of my favorite fandoms, which is probably why I request it all the time. :-) Even though it spends so much time drawing a picture of what history was like, it's the characters that made me fall in love with it.
  • Binnie Hodbin & Eileen O'Reilly - We see their relationship all through Eileen's eyes, which are biased due to her compartmentalizing Binnie as a hooligan and taking a while to come to care for her. Can we see it from Binnie's perspective, with all her insecurities (e.g. thinking Eileen's going to leave even after she chose to stay, because so many people have abandoned her before)? Or, Binnie (and Alf) trying to set Eileen up with Mr. Goode! Her "What kind of a welcome is that?" (to Eileen) and "Told you!" (to Alf) comments certainly indicate to me that she ships them. :-)
  • James Dunworthy & Colin Templer - Dunworthy cares so easily for people; he seems to constantly be collecting more people to worry about and try to protect. Just one example is how he invests so much energy in finding Christmas presents for Colin when he hasn't known him long at all. If you've read Blackout/All Clear, I'd like to see how Colin's relationship with Dunworthy changes now that Colin's an adult. If you've only read Doomsday Book, how about showing some of Colin's perspective on how Dunworthy treats him, since we only see it from Dunworthy's perspective? A particular bit of interest would be Colin's worries while Dunworthy's unconscious.
  • Kivrin Engle & Colin Templer - We don't see these characters together much (at all?) in the books, but they're both Dunworthy's proteges and would probably end up interacting. I'd be equally interested in something set soon after Doomsday Book (spending time with each other because few others will understand what they experienced), or something further in the future (does Kivrin advise Colin on his educational decisions? does he confide in her about his crush/feelings for Polly?)
  • Mary Ahrens & Colin Templer - We don't get to see them interacting very much, and obviously from the muffler she doesn't know a lot about young boys, but I still suspect that at the beginning of Doomsday Book, Mary Ahrens is one of the most positive influences in Colin's life. I'd like to see something at any point in their life, whether when he's a little kid wishing his mom could be more like his aunt (if that's the case), or during Doomsday Book wishing his aunt wasn't so busy, or after the book looking back and reflecting on their relationship.
Star Wars Legends - All Media Types

I mostly thinking of these characters in the context of the Thrawn trilogy & Hand of Thrawn duology. I'm a big fan of Timothy Zahn's books. They hit a lot of tropes I like, with plots that don't rely on anybody doing anything dumb, and lots of Chessmaster characters. For all of these, you can either stick with the EU as we knew it before Ep. VII came out, or you can do any sort of fusion you wish with the world of Ep. VII. (e.g. Luke's & Leia's lives can go the direction they go in the EU or the direction they go in what is now canon, and the original-to-the-EU characters can exist in the now-canonical universe or they can stay in the universe they're in)

All of these relationships epitomize that "smart people interacting with smart people" and "people being competent and respecting others' competency" tropes I mentioned above under my likes, so feel free to play those up as much as you want.
  • Mara Jade & Leia Organa (Legends) - Their respect for each other grows throughout the Thrawn Trilogy. They're different women with very different life trajectories, but they get past that and respect each other for who she is. Of course it doesn't help Leia that Mara keeps threatening to kill her brother. How does she get past that? I can't remember if they've ever been on a ship together just (or almost) the two of them, so that might be interesting to see. 
  • Mara Jade & Talon Karrde (Legends) - They worked together for a long time and respected each other's skills. Karrde lets Mara get away with things (like starting up the ship & blowing their cover) that he wouldn't let other subordinates do because he trusts that she has a good reason for what she does. If you want, push this trust to the limits & have them figure out where those limits are. Or just give them a rollicking adventure being competent smugglers together.
  • Shada D'ukal & Mara Jade (Legends) - I ship Shada/Karrde, but regardless of whether she's in a relationship with him or "just" his new lieutenant, it has to be hard for Mara to see her old job disappearing even though she likes where she's at now. How does Mara handle separating her opinion of Shada-as-Karrde's-new-right-hand from her opinion of Shada-the-person, whom I think she might like & think is good for Karrde?
  • Talon Karrde & Luke Skywalker (Legends) - Again with the very different people respecting each other. I'd like to see Karrde's perspective on the Jedi, coming to think of him as a person & then as a friend after originally just thinking of him as this famous warrior that oops we have to take prisoner. Or for a different prompt, how does Karrde feel about Luke (eventually) stealing away his right-hand woman?

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