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Crossovering 2016

Dear Crossovering writer,

The possibility for crossovers, combining characters who never would have met and creating situations that never would have occurred in their own fandoms, is one of my favorite things about fanfiction. I generally prefer crossovers (with characters from both fandoms) to fusions but I'll mention the exceptions below.

Starting with the "please don't if possible"s...I would prefer if you kept the story no higher than PG. I'd also like it if you stuck to canon relationships (with exceptions for Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, & Agent Carter mentioned below), or gen is always fine.

Sorry this letter got so long. This exchange is a bit more complicated than most when it comes to requesting & offering. I'm going to list every fandom I've requested first with a few sentences on why I like it and/or what my favorite parts & favorite characters are; then I'll list each request with a few ideas. These are just suggestions though; feel free to ignore everything that follows this paragraph if you already know what you want to do. :-)

If you want to match more than 2 fandoms, that's fine! Just make sure that you do each one justice and don't try to include more than your story can handle. (Sometimes I enjoy fics crammed chock-full of every fandom the author could remotely tie in until they're completely over-the-top, but in this exchange I'm looking for something that takes the fandoms it's combining a bit more seriously. ["Seriously" as in demonstrating understanding/appreciation for the fandoms included, not as in no humor. Humor is great!])

Lastly, in case it helps you figure out what my taste is like when it comes to crossovers, my two favorite crossovers I have ever read are the Yuletide fics "Alan Grant and Indiana Jones Walk Into a Bar" (Jurassic Park/Indiana Jones) & "The Roommate of +10 Confusion" (FoxTrot/Calvin & Hobbes).

Notes on the individual fandoms:

Agent Carter (TV) The month of flu hit my family halfway through the airing of the 2nd season, and I still haven't gotten around to finishing it. I don't really ship Peggy/Sousa; I thought it felt forced. I did like when Sousa was with Violet and Peggy was attracted to Wilkes. But in general, if it matters, I prefer the first season. Edwin Jarvis is my favorite character, and Ana looked pretty awesome too from what I've seen of her.
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling I'm generally more interested in the teacher characters than the students. Of the students, Neville & Luna are totally my favorites and I ship them. Snape is my favorite character but I'm actually not huge on shipping him with Lily. I prefer the extremely rare ships of Snape/Burbage or Snape/Pomfrey. Those are my only deviations from canon ships in this fandom, and as always you can ignore everything and write gen. :-) I generally read HP fic for the characters and not so much the world-building, but I'm fine with the HP world being the only part of it being included in your fic as long as there are characters included from the crossover fandom. If I were sorted now, I would be a Hufflepuff, but if I had been sorted at age 11 I would be a Ravenclaw, so I think of myself as both.
Indiana Jones Series I'm a big fan of Marion & actually don't mind the 4th one because they brought her back and because Cate Blanchett is my favorite modern actress. The 3rd is by far my favorite though. (Now I've got my fave "Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra" from the soundtrack stuck in my head...)
Marvel Cinematic Universe Favorite characters in roughish order: Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Loki, Cap, Bucky, Bruce Banner. Please remember that Cap was using cutting edge technology in the '40s & wouldn't be utterly shocked by modern tech. I think the Captain America movies are the best of the MCU, but the Thor ones are the ones I look forward to most because I like the interaction between Thor and Loki especially. I like the strong friendships of Clint & Natasha and of Cap & Bucky and Cap & Sam (and loved the developing friendship between Sam & Bucky we saw with them in the VW & the airport).
Mission: Impossible (Movies) I actually haven't gotten around to watching the 3rd one yet, but I've seen all the others. In my opinion, Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation are light years better than their predecessors, so I'd prefer you focus on the characters (and situations if applicable) from those.
National Treasure (Movies) These movies are so fun, and even if they don't teach you too much about history, they certainly get you excited about it! I like all the fun adventuring. Riley is my favorite character; I love bits like "Is this the way you guys feel all the time? I mean except right now, of course" and his sports car getting towed. I'd prefer if you set it either during a good point in Ben & Abigail's relationship or prior to their relationship; I don't like what was done with that in the 2nd movie. I thought Ian was a great villain & wouldn't mind seeing him show up, either still as an enemy or even better, begrudgingly having to work together.
Now You See Me (Movies) The second had fewer plotholes than the first, but both were entertaining enough that that wasn't my first consideration. I think they relied too much on hypnosis & Merrit is probably my least favorite of the Horsemen. Not sure who my favorite is...I like all of the other three, but in different ways. Lula's okay, but I liked Henley a lot more. Dylan's awesome. I like the tension of Atlas not liking not being in charge, and I'd like to see more of him interacting w/ the leader of the Horsemen (e.g. something related to the scene in the 2nd movie where (spoiler:) Atlas finds out he's been tricked by what he thought was the Eye, but Dylan rescues him & nearly gets killed because of it but Atlas helps rescue him back)
Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis These books are amazingly crossoverable, especially since they don't have to be set in one particular time period. Colin is my favorite character, with Dunworthy, Kivrin, and Binnie tied for second. I totally ship Colin/Polly. If you end up earlier in the history of time travel (e.g. my OTTU/Tomorrowland suggestion below), I'd enjoy seeing mention (or more) of Dunworthy's feelings for Elizabeth Bittner.
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen A deserved classic. Of Austen's works, I've actually only read this & Persuasion; I'm saving the others since it's not like Austen's writing any more. I ship Elizabeth/Darcy (shocking, I know!) and I can't stand Collins and Lady Catherine. As for non-canon ships, I like Georgiana Darcy/Colonel Fitzwilliam and I also really like the idea of Mary Bennet/Mr. Collins if it didn't cause huge issues for the plot (which maybe the additional characters and situations of a crossover fandom could solve!).
Star Wars - All Media Types I love the original trilogy most, am not huge on the prequels, and am feeling hopeful about the sequel trilogy since Ep VII was so good. RotJ is my favorite although I think ESB is the best cinematically. R2-D2 & Luke Skywalker are my favorite characters. I also like Zahn's EU (now Legends) books, especially Mara Jade.
Tangled (2010) I really like Flynn Rider, and his romance with Rapunzel. Actually, all the characters are awesome...I like Maximus and Pascal and the thugs of the Snuggly Duckling. This is probably my favorite Disney movie; the only one that even has a chance at beating it is Beauty and the Beast.
Tomorrowland (2015) I really enjoyed this movie. I generally enjoy seeing George Clooney in movies, and I thought the actress who played Athena did a phenomenal job. I found the sci-fi store fight particularly entertaining. Some of my family who went to the movie with me seemed a bit confused on whether time travel was going on (it isn't), so I wanted to clarify that there's interdimensional travel to a place that is more technologically advanced (and therefore seems futuristic), but it exists at the same time as our own.

The requests:

Request #1: The Adventury Heisty One (Indiana Jones, Mission: Impossible, National Treasure, Now You See Me)
So I'm kind of hoping for a heist here, or at least some sort of adventure. :-) I'm picturing the characters either needing each other's help to achieve a mutual goal, or running into each other when trying [edit for missing words: to obtain] something it turns out the others want too, but if you want to put them at odds with each other that's fine as well. This request seems particularly suited to a 3+ fandom crossover if you're so inclined!
Random thoughts: Marion Ravenwood and/or Henley Reeves and/or Abigail Chase friendship (would love to see this in the background to something plottier). Indy taught at the university Ben Gates attended, & Ben either was in his class or knows his reputation that he was never around (or both!). The National Treasure crew stumbles across an IMF supply trove (don't know what they're actually called; this thing) and Brandt & Hunt have to go investigate the incursion. At a meeting of the Four/Five Horsemen, how long does it take them to figure out that one of them is actually an IMF agent in a mask (for whatever reason)?

Request #2: The Historical One (Agent Carter, Oxford Time Travel, Pride and Prejudice, Tomorrowland)
Agent Carter & Pride and Prejudice are set at different times in the past, Oxford Time Travel can be in any time period, and Tomorrowland has various historical stuff like Frank at the World's Fair, not to mention the building of the Eiffel Tower. If you matched with Oxford Time Travel, I'd like to see some of the time-traveling historians end up meeting characters in the other fandom's time period (more specific ideas in next paragraphs). Or for Tomorrowland & Oxford Time Travel, maybe one of the "dreamers" recruited at the end of the movie is a young James Dunworthy or someone else involved in the early development & use of time travel? For Tomorrowland & Agent Carter, maybe Howard Stark is at the World's Fair that Frank goes to. Or maybe S.H.I.E.L.D. suspects that androids exist, and couple-decades-older Peggy goes to investigate Athena or that sci-fi store. Pride and Prejudice is going to be a challenge to crossover with Agent Carter or Tomorrowland...a fusion would be okay here if you need to...but how about Peggy & friends getting accidentally sent back to 19th century England when they touch a MacGuffin...or the Darcys are involved in the events preceding the construction of the Eiffel Tower-and-Rocket-Launcher.
Random Oxford Time Travel/Pride and Prejudice idea...I've always been one of those people who thinks Mr. Collins would have had success if he'd gone down one more daughter, because Mary seemed like she might like him. What if the OTTU characters also think so? If they accidentally prevent Collins marrying Charlotte, that would have all sorts of repercussions...
Oxford Time Travel/Agent Carter...Peggy's smart & I think she might pick up on something being off if a historian tried to fool her. Maybe she tries to arrest one so they have to convince her that they really truly are from the future. Then she asks them about the future and they realize she doesn't know about what happens to Cap. Do they tell her?
And a completely different idea for OTTU/Agent Carter: Eileen & Mr. Goode & the Hodbins move to the US after to the war and end up living next door to Peggy or Angie or the Jarvises. Eileen & Peggy bond over having lost people they cared about, although in different ways? Edwin Jarvis deals with having a couple of better-than-they-used-to-be-but-still-up-to-mischief children coming next door at every opportunity?

Request #3: The Magical One (Agent Carter, Harry Potter, Oxford Time Travel)
(For Agent Carter/Oxford Time Travel, see Request #2 above. As for Harry Potter...)
Fusions are okay for this one, but if possible, I'd still prefer if you included characters from both fandoms.
Harry Potter/Agent Carter: I wasn't convinced by the backstory Peggy was given in the recent season, so I wouldn't be opposed to throwing it out and, say, having her actually attend Hogwarts (Muggle-born? half-blood?) before getting her job with the SSR. Or perhaps she's a Muggle, but Grindelwald & the Red Skull were allies so she & Cap had to work together with people in the wizarding world to neutralize the threat. To bring it forward into the Agent Carter timeframe, perhaps what I just mentioned is backstory to a visit from a wizard or witch in the US after the war? (This is all just one idea I'm tossing out there; I'd be just as happy with something completely different so don't feel like you have to use any of this.)
Harry Potter/Oxford Time Travel: After time travelers discover they can bring things through the net in TSNotD, do wizard historians use this to affect the outcome of the war against Voldemort? Does Mr. Dunworthy know that magic exists and that some of his students can use it? How does he find out?
All three fandoms together: Both a wizard AND a time-traveler show up at Peggy's office at the SSR acting like normal people who have a right to be there. Does she figure out they're not what they seem? Are they both after the same thing, or do some people want it to be found while others want to prevent it ever being uncovered?

Request #4: The Galactic One (Oxford Time Travel, Star Wars, Tomorrowland)
(For Oxford Time Travel/Tomorrowland, see Request #2 above. As for Star Wars...)
Star Wars/Oxford Time Travel ideas: perhaps a fusion where the OTTU characters live in the Star Wars universe, or a crossover where the net malfunctions and throws the characters of one universe into the other universe and they have to figure out how to get home.
Star Wars/Tomorrowland ideas: You'll probably want to lean more towards the Tomorrowland-dimension than the Earth-dimension of Tomorrowland, I think? Maybe the Millenium Falcon lands in Tomorrowland? I'd like to see the Star Wars droids trying to make sense of Athena.

Request #5: The Wacky Catch-all One (Marvel Cinematic Universe, Now You See Me, Oxford Time Travel, Tangled)
Just thought it would be fun to put some very divergent fandoms together. :-)
You can be pretty ridiculous or hand-wavey about how the fandoms get combined.
Random thoughts: S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits the Horsemen. S.H.I.E.L.D. tries to recruit Mr. Dunworthy, and/or builds a net of their own that the Oxford department fears will be used for purposes they don't approve of. One of the Oxford historians is a descendant of Peggy Carter. OTTU characters need to go to one of the Horsemen's big stage shows for some reason...or perhaps one of them is studying the Horsemen & is watching when they're recruited, etc; do they eventually figure out they're being watched? Thor and Loki visited Corona in the past. The Horsemen find the magic frying pan at an old magic shop & use it in a show...what does this lead to? Someone at Oxford is studying the kingdom of Corona.
If you want to combine more than 2 of these, that would be cool, and pretty much anything goes as long as you give lip-service to plausibility. :-) My sister and I brainstormed a way to combine all 4...I think Clint & Tasha and the Horsemen were separately trying to break into the Oxford net for some reason, and then it malfunctioned sending them all to Corona. If you come up with a way to combine all of them, I'd love to see it. :-)

Wow, that was long. I hope it was at least a bit helpful. Thanks for writing a story for me, and I'm really looking forward to reading what you come up with! This entry was originally posted at http://lirin-lirilla.dreamwidth.org/945.html. Please comment there using OpenID.



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