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Purimgifts 2016

Dear Purimgifts author,

I'm going to try to keep this short, but feel free to look at letters I've written for other exchanges if you want to know more about my likes and dislikes.

I love crossovers! I would be thrilled to get three different crossovers of the fandom you matched on with different fandoms that we also share. If that's something you're interested in, here is a list of pretty much all the fandoms I'm familiar with. If you want to write AUs (e.g. coffeeshop, yarn store, etc.) those are fine as well although—as you can probably tell from my list of works on the AO3—they're not so much my "thing" as crossovers.

If you can't decide which to do, my preference is for standalone (or loosely connected) short fics over a larger fic split into three pieces; this is because this exchange is kind of the only one I participate in that does short fics and I enjoy this length (when I was starting writing fic, I wrote mostly in the 400-1000 range). This is,of course, only if you can't decide; feel free to disregard if you have a brilliant plan for something longer. :-)

My level of knowledge of Judaism: among other things, I've read all the All of a Kind Family books and the first Hereville graphic novel, and I'm pretty familiar with Old Testament history. I don't know of many canonically Jewish characters in these fandoms, but I'm okay with you making any character Jewish as long as it makes sense. (If you're telling me that, for instance, Marguerite Blakeney or Cimorene is Jewish, I hope you have a really convincing explanation...) I've also listed some of my favorite female characters in each of the fandoms, in case you're trying for that side of the prompt.

Captain America (Movies): Peggy Carter rocks! I'd love to see anything with her. I think the first Captain America movie is probably the best MCU movie, and it's one of my favorites to watch; but somehow I always forget until near the end that it will always make me cry. Feel free to either twist my heartstrings some more, or to have mercy and give Peggy & Steve some happy moments (or just happy memories).
The only reason I didn't request Agent Carter is that the new season is running basically simultaneously with the fest and I didn't want to deal with that complication (It caused me some minor difficulties when I wrote Agent Carter for last Purimgifts), but feel free to include elements from the time period of the TV show. (Psst: Jarvis is my favorite character!)
Or with the second movie, obviously we also have Sharon Carter, Maria Hill, and Natasha Romanoff as additional female characters, and I wouldn't mind seeing more of any or all of them. Hill would probably be my first choice of the three (or hey, three fics, three characters...).

Enchanted Forest Chronicles - Patricia Wrede: These books are awesome! Fantasy that doesn't take itself too seriously, with some genre-savvy characters. I ship Telemain/Morwen very much, and they're probably my favorite characters individually as well, although I also really like Alianora from the first book.

FoxTrot: I've loved these comics for a long time. Jason's my favorite character since I identify with his nerdiness, but even more than single characters I like the interaction between the family members, and the contrast in their interests. (Like when Paige and Jason were both looking forward to seeing the LotR movies, but for totally different reasons! [Link]) But yeah, nerd humor ftw.

Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis: I've read all the books and the short story. Colin is my favorite character, with Dunworthy, Kivrin, and Binnie tied for second. Again, I love everything about these, so anything you want to write is awesome. Do you have a favorite historical period you'd like the characters to go to? Or, given the fest, maybe a historical period that has something to do with Jewish history.

The Scarlet Pimpernel - All Media Types: I've read every single one of the books, seen more than one production of the musical, obtained all the soundtracks, and watched the 1934 & 1982 movies. (I have not seen the 1999 TV series.) I love everything about these stories, especially Percy & Chauvelin's interaction, which doesn't really fit with the prompts for this fest though. If you want to focus on one of the female characters, I'd love to see any or all of them—Suzanne or Fleurette or Theresia would be my favorites but they're all great. Or if you want to do something more serious, I'd really like to see exploration of Benjamin Rosenbaum, the Jew Percy pays off (and impersonates) in the first novel. What happens to him afterwards? Does he ever assist the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel again? Does Chauvelin realize that his ingrained antisemitism caused him to miss what was right in front of his nose?


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