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Yuletide 2016

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing a story for me! All of these fandoms are ones I really enjoy, so no matter which you matched on, I am extremely excited to receive a story in it!

Three of the four fandoms I'm requesting this year are ones I requested last year and in other past exchanges; I'll be recycling parts of those old requests to save time, & feel free to look at my old letters as my tastes haven't changed much for any of these fandoms.

likes: happy/hopeful endings, smart people interacting, people being competent and appreciating others' competency, crossovers, plottiness
dislikes: people acting out-of-character, non-canonical major character death, problems that could be solved if everybody just sat down and talked to each other, characters being embarrassed, sexual content (kissing or fade to black is fine with me, but I'd prefer if nothing more than that happens "on screen")

To expand a bit more on a couple of the above likes/dislikes (trying to keep this shorter than it's ballooned to in past years, but it's hard...)

Crossover-wise, here is a list of all the fandoms I am familiar with that I could think of. I'll mention a few crossover ideas specific to each fandom below, but seriously, when it comes to crossovers, I'm open to anything.

Anything from fluffy fluff to plotty epics is great. I'm not big on character studies where absolutely nothing happens, but I don't need very much to happen.

I tend to prefer lighter-rated stuff, PG or below. I mostly write gen and I would love to receive it, but I also like lightweight het...preferably canon relationships (with one exception below). Anyway, the fandoms I picked definitely aren’t known for having any explicit content, so hopefully you weren’t exactly planning on writing anything R-rated anyway. As far as other things that could increase a story’s rating, I’m also not big on bad language but I love action scenes. You needn’t take too much of a lead from the G-ratedness of my own fic: I still haven’t managed to ever write characters even kissing, but that doesn’t mean I object to reading a kiss in fanfic.

If you get stuck on the fandom you matched on and want to check out one of the others, White Christmas and Golden Gate will take you the least amount of time. White Christmas can be rented on Youtube or presumably elsewhere; Golden Gate is $2 on Kindle. The other two are multi-book series, but I can assure you they're worth the time if you have it available. :-) They should be available at any decent library or bookstore.

Oh, and related to the different challenges on the Yuletide comm, I wouldn't mind at all receiving a Misses Clause story as long as it included all my requested characters; none of my prompts are particularly suited to passing the Bechdel Test but their wider definition of "write women" gives you a number of openings. I would love to receive a YuMaDrIn treat. On the other hand, Crueltide and Yuleporn aren't my cup of tea. And lastly, I do enjoy Christmas stories.

Now on to the fandoms, in alphabetical order:

The Golden Gate - Alistair MacLean

"[Revson]'s no hothead. His mind is as near ice-cold as any man's can be. I also forgot to say that he's highly intelligent, very ingenious and extremely resourceful."

"Then he's a hand-picked man?" Newson said. Hagenbach nodded. "You hand-picked him?" Again the nod. "So he's the best in the business?"

"I can't say. You know the size of our organization. I can't possibly know all the field agents. He's just the best I happen to know."

The Golden Gate, p. 117

The Golden GateCollapse )

Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis
Colin Templer, Polly Churchill

"I'm not going anywhere without you," he said, and the shimmer brightened to a white-hot flame.

All Clear, p. 637

Oxford Time TravelCollapse )

Star Wars Legends: Thrawn Trilogy - Timothy Zahn
Mara Jade, Talon Karrde

[Mara] regarded [Karrde] thoughtfully. "What was all that business about capital starships?"

"You heard everything that was said."

"I know. I was talking about your reaction to it."

He grimaced to himself. "I'd hoped it wasn't that obvious."

"It wasn't."

Heir to the Empire, p. 239

Thrawn TrilogyCollapse )

White Christmas (1954)
Judy Haynes, Phil Davis

"What is this, the best two outta three?"

"I guess I got carried away."

"Yeah, she carried me right with her, I don't weigh very much."

White Christmas, the end of my favorite scene

White ChristmasCollapse )
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GenEx 2016

Dear GenEx writer,

I mostly write gen and would read a higher percentage of it if there was more of it out there, so this seems like the perfect exchange for me. :-)

likes: happy/hopeful endings, smart people interacting, people being competent and respecting competency in others, crossovers, plottiness
dislikes: people acting out-of-character, major character death, problems that could be solved if everybody just sat down and talked to each other, characters being embarrassed, sexual content

I'm writing this in the middle of the night & don't want to wake everybody up tracking down books, so apologies if there are any minor canonical errors due to my writing the prompts off the top of my head or with no more than wiki consultation.

All of the fandoms I'm requesting are ones I have been into for a while & really like, so no matter which one you matched on, I'm very excited to read a story in it! In (almost) alphabetical order:

Crossover Fandom

Starting off with some rather wacky combos...
  • Agent 86 (Get Smart) & Simon Illyan (Vorkosigan) - Illyan is my favorite Vorkosigan character, and I am a bad person for saddling him with 86 when he already has to deal with Miles. I'm assuming 86 works for ImpSec, but no matter where he is I'm sure he gives Illyan headaches just as bad as the Chief's.
  • Agent 99 (Get Smart) & Peggy Carter (Agent Carter) - Female agents working together! If 86 doesn't get in the way, maybe they'll even get something accomplished! Maybe either a mission fic or Peggy coming to visit 99 at the Smarts' home?
  • Edmund Pevensie (Narnia) & Psmith - We always see the Pevensies on school holidays and we see a lot of Psmith at school. Does Edmund go to school with Psmith? Or do they run into each other on a train? Does Edmund tell Psmith about Narnia, and if so, how does Psmith take it? If not, how does he feel pretending to have normal interaction (or as normal as it can be when Psmith is involved) while having such a big secret? (The Psmith books were written a few decades earlier than Narnia; I'm picturing doing a bit of handwaving & having them be the same age, but if you'd rather not do that you could also have Psmith be an adult teacher at Edmund's school.)
  • Mara Jade (Star Wars Legends) & Rey (Star Wars ST) - My favorite character from the old "sequel trilogy" and my probable favorite character from the new canonical one. And I think they'd totally get along if they met. They're both self-sufficient women who can handle a lot of situations...so what situation will you throw them into? :-) You could handle this either as a crossover (e.g. the Jade Fire gets pulled into a wormhole that takes it into an alternate universe) or a fusion (Mara Jade exists in Rey's universe, she's just never met Luke Skywalker).
  • Neal Caffrey (White Collar) & Ben Gates (National Treasure) - Somebody who likes stealing things but sometimes tries not to, with somebody who doesn't want to steal stuff but somehow ends up needing to. Does Ben recruit Neal to help him forge something? (The Declaration of Independence? A page from the President's super-secret book?) Do they know each other from way back but Ben was always the "crime is bad" one, and Neal thinks he's a total hypocrite when he hears about the Declaration heist?
  • Peggy Carter (Agent Carter) & Della Street (Perry Mason) - Ooh, more competent-women-being-competent-together! Not sure how the timing is going to work out on this one; you can either have Peggy be way older or I'm fine with you just picking a decade to set it in with both characters being the same age. (FYI, the Perry Mason novels go back to the '30s, so if you like sticking with canon that's probably the easiest way to fuse them.) Maybe Peggy has something come up in her personal life & doesn't want S.H.I.E.L.D. involved/finding out so she hires Mason and meets Della that way. Or perhaps Della & Peggy became friends at some point (penpals growing up? better explanation that I haven't come up with yet?) and now that they're adults they meet up once in a while but struggle with not being able to talk about what's happening at work. [If their relationships come up: I kind of ship Della/Perry but please tread lightly around the power differential. If you'd rather ship Della with somebody else, whether OC or in either fandom, that is totally okay as well. I don't really ship Peggy/Sousa, but if you want to that's okay b/c it seems to be the going ship (but keep it in the background). Peggy/Cap is of course awesome and I also like Peggy/Wilkes.] I am familiar with both the Perry Mason novels and the TV show.
Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis

All of my prompts include my favorite character, Edmund the Just. He did a terrible thing in the first book but then managed to come back from that and be a wiser person because of it. I'd like to see something after that point, showing how Narnia has given him more inner maturity and a better relationship with his siblings. I'd particularly like something set in England post-Dawn Treader, perhaps even during The Last Battle (that fateful traintrip?).
  • Edmund Pevensie & Eustace Scrubb - When they return to England, Eustace is a lot more mature than when he left. How does this affect his relationship with Edmund? How does the fact that they both know Edmund will never return but Eustace probably will affect their relationship on both sides? Would also be interested in their interactions as a subset of the Seven Friends of Narnia (e.g. when the group agrees that Eustace & Jill are to go back, how do Edmund & Eustace each feel about this decision).
  • Edmund Pevensie & Lucy Pevensie - In the second book, Edmund is the first one to believe Lucy, and a lot of this is because he feels guilty about lying about her before. As they get older, does he continue to feel like he needs to make this up to her at all? Also, when Peter and Susan are told they can't return but Edmund and Lucy know they might, how does this shared knowledge affect their relationship?
  • Edmund Pevensie & Susan Pevensie - Susan has been interpreted different ways as a character. I've heard people criticize Lewis for damning Susan from Narnia over lipstick, but I always thought the cause-and-effect were the other way round: that she rejected Narnia because she had other priorities—going out with boys, presumably, although that could also be unreliable narration—and probably also because she found it hard to believe in Narnia when she wasn't actually there. I'd like to see Edmund & Susan interacting somewhere in the gap of years where she makes this transition. It must be painful for Edmund to see Susan reject something so important for something he thinks is a much lower priority, while on Susan's side it's hard for her to see her brother (& the rest of their family) insisting on believing something she doesn't think is real, & maybe pushing her brother to lighten up & go on a few dates. If you want to write something less fraught, another thing that would be fun to see would be Edmund & Susan plotting together to escape Rabadash (in The Horse & His Boy).

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

I read these all in one week (okay, 9 days) my junior year of college and have been a fan ever since. I've read a lot of fic in it but I don't think I've requested it in an exchange before, 'cause I usually do small-fandom exchanges. Snape's my favorite character and Neville my second favorite, as is probably apparent from my requests.
  • Augusta Longbottom & Neville Longbottom - They were pushed into a different relationship than most grandparents/grandchildren due to tragedy. I'd like to see either or both of their perspectives looking back on this after Neville is an adult. (Also, how does Augusta feel about Neville's transition from being shy & clumsy to one of the heroes of the second war against Voldemort?)
  • Charity Burbage & Severus Snape - Maybe it was only because she was all out of options, but for whatever reason, Burbage thought it was worthwhile to ask Snape for help right before she was going to die. Was there a background between them that led her to think so? I'd like to see them as coworkers and perhaps friends in the years prior to that. (I would not be opposed to an AU where Charity survives if you wanted to go in that direction. What if Snape had blown his cover & answered her question? Could he have saved her?) By the way, I do not like the way the "Severus, please" line is altered in the movie to add "We're friends." Not a big deal and I'm not sure why it bugs me, but I thought I'd mention it.
  • Filius Flitwick & Severus Snape - Two heads of house who we don't see interacting much. I think Snape would respect Flitwick since he's presumably pretty intelligent as the head of Ravenclaw house. Not sure whether we know what Flitwick thinks of Snape; we don't really see that much of Flitwick as far as I can recall. The main incident that comes to mind of them interacting is when they kind of ganged up on Lockhart. It might be fun to see their shared scornful opinions of some of the lower-quality teachers that Hogwarts seems to attract. Another thing that would be interesting would be stuff set during seventh year, with struggling with keeping secrets on Snape's side and trying to decide how collegial (or not) to be on Flitwick's side; I also wouldn't mind Flitwick (or others of the professors) figuring out that Snape's not as much their enemy as he seems.
  • Neville Longbottom & Luna Lovegood - I really like seeing these two interact as friends. Of all the characters in Harry's generation, I think they're the ones I have the most in common with. I've mentioned elsewhere that I ship them (although the one time I tried to write a fic shipping them it turned into gen friendship fic), but I'm equally okay either if you want to write them as pre-relationship, if you want to have them both be with the characters Rowling has said they ended up with, or if you don't mention romantic relationships at all. I'd really like something either during year 7, keeping the DA going without Harry; or after the war navigating life outside of school.
Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis

One of my favorite fandoms, which is probably why I request it all the time. :-) Even though it spends so much time drawing a picture of what history was like, it's the characters that made me fall in love with it.
  • Binnie Hodbin & Eileen O'Reilly - We see their relationship all through Eileen's eyes, which are biased due to her compartmentalizing Binnie as a hooligan and taking a while to come to care for her. Can we see it from Binnie's perspective, with all her insecurities (e.g. thinking Eileen's going to leave even after she chose to stay, because so many people have abandoned her before)? Or, Binnie (and Alf) trying to set Eileen up with Mr. Goode! Her "What kind of a welcome is that?" (to Eileen) and "Told you!" (to Alf) comments certainly indicate to me that she ships them. :-)
  • James Dunworthy & Colin Templer - Dunworthy cares so easily for people; he seems to constantly be collecting more people to worry about and try to protect. Just one example is how he invests so much energy in finding Christmas presents for Colin when he hasn't known him long at all. If you've read Blackout/All Clear, I'd like to see how Colin's relationship with Dunworthy changes now that Colin's an adult. If you've only read Doomsday Book, how about showing some of Colin's perspective on how Dunworthy treats him, since we only see it from Dunworthy's perspective? A particular bit of interest would be Colin's worries while Dunworthy's unconscious.
  • Kivrin Engle & Colin Templer - We don't see these characters together much (at all?) in the books, but they're both Dunworthy's proteges and would probably end up interacting. I'd be equally interested in something set soon after Doomsday Book (spending time with each other because few others will understand what they experienced), or something further in the future (does Kivrin advise Colin on his educational decisions? does he confide in her about his crush/feelings for Polly?)
  • Mary Ahrens & Colin Templer - We don't get to see them interacting very much, and obviously from the muffler she doesn't know a lot about young boys, but I still suspect that at the beginning of Doomsday Book, Mary Ahrens is one of the most positive influences in Colin's life. I'd like to see something at any point in their life, whether when he's a little kid wishing his mom could be more like his aunt (if that's the case), or during Doomsday Book wishing his aunt wasn't so busy, or after the book looking back and reflecting on their relationship.
Star Wars Legends - All Media Types

I mostly thinking of these characters in the context of the Thrawn trilogy & Hand of Thrawn duology. I'm a big fan of Timothy Zahn's books. They hit a lot of tropes I like, with plots that don't rely on anybody doing anything dumb, and lots of Chessmaster characters. For all of these, you can either stick with the EU as we knew it before Ep. VII came out, or you can do any sort of fusion you wish with the world of Ep. VII. (e.g. Luke's & Leia's lives can go the direction they go in the EU or the direction they go in what is now canon, and the original-to-the-EU characters can exist in the now-canonical universe or they can stay in the universe they're in)

All of these relationships epitomize that "smart people interacting with smart people" and "people being competent and respecting others' competency" tropes I mentioned above under my likes, so feel free to play those up as much as you want.
  • Mara Jade & Leia Organa (Legends) - Their respect for each other grows throughout the Thrawn Trilogy. They're different women with very different life trajectories, but they get past that and respect each other for who she is. Of course it doesn't help Leia that Mara keeps threatening to kill her brother. How does she get past that? I can't remember if they've ever been on a ship together just (or almost) the two of them, so that might be interesting to see. 
  • Mara Jade & Talon Karrde (Legends) - They worked together for a long time and respected each other's skills. Karrde lets Mara get away with things (like starting up the ship & blowing their cover) that he wouldn't let other subordinates do because he trusts that she has a good reason for what she does. If you want, push this trust to the limits & have them figure out where those limits are. Or just give them a rollicking adventure being competent smugglers together.
  • Shada D'ukal & Mara Jade (Legends) - I ship Shada/Karrde, but regardless of whether she's in a relationship with him or "just" his new lieutenant, it has to be hard for Mara to see her old job disappearing even though she likes where she's at now. How does Mara handle separating her opinion of Shada-as-Karrde's-new-right-hand from her opinion of Shada-the-person, whom I think she might like & think is good for Karrde?
  • Talon Karrde & Luke Skywalker (Legends) - Again with the very different people respecting each other. I'd like to see Karrde's perspective on the Jedi, coming to think of him as a person & then as a friend after originally just thinking of him as this famous warrior that oops we have to take prisoner. Or for a different prompt, how does Karrde feel about Luke (eventually) stealing away his right-hand woman?

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Crossovering 2016

Dear Crossovering writer,

The possibility for crossovers, combining characters who never would have met and creating situations that never would have occurred in their own fandoms, is one of my favorite things about fanfiction. I generally prefer crossovers (with characters from both fandoms) to fusions but I'll mention the exceptions below.

Starting with the "please don't if possible"s...I would prefer if you kept the story no higher than PG. I'd also like it if you stuck to canon relationships (with exceptions for Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, & Agent Carter mentioned below), or gen is always fine.

Sorry this letter got so long. This exchange is a bit more complicated than most when it comes to requesting & offering. I'm going to list every fandom I've requested first with a few sentences on why I like it and/or what my favorite parts & favorite characters are; then I'll list each request with a few ideas. These are just suggestions though; feel free to ignore everything that follows this paragraph if you already know what you want to do. :-)

If you want to match more than 2 fandoms, that's fine! Just make sure that you do each one justice and don't try to include more than your story can handle. (Sometimes I enjoy fics crammed chock-full of every fandom the author could remotely tie in until they're completely over-the-top, but in this exchange I'm looking for something that takes the fandoms it's combining a bit more seriously. ["Seriously" as in demonstrating understanding/appreciation for the fandoms included, not as in no humor. Humor is great!])

Lastly, in case it helps you figure out what my taste is like when it comes to crossovers, my two favorite crossovers I have ever read are the Yuletide fics "Alan Grant and Indiana Jones Walk Into a Bar" (Jurassic Park/Indiana Jones) & "The Roommate of +10 Confusion" (FoxTrot/Calvin & Hobbes).

Notes on the individual fandoms:

Agent Carter (TV) The month of flu hit my family halfway through the airing of the 2nd season, and I still haven't gotten around to finishing it. I don't really ship Peggy/Sousa; I thought it felt forced. I did like when Sousa was with Violet and Peggy was attracted to Wilkes. But in general, if it matters, I prefer the first season. Edwin Jarvis is my favorite character, and Ana looked pretty awesome too from what I've seen of her.
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling I'm generally more interested in the teacher characters than the students. Of the students, Neville & Luna are totally my favorites and I ship them. Snape is my favorite character but I'm actually not huge on shipping him with Lily. I prefer the extremely rare ships of Snape/Burbage or Snape/Pomfrey. Those are my only deviations from canon ships in this fandom, and as always you can ignore everything and write gen. :-) I generally read HP fic for the characters and not so much the world-building, but I'm fine with the HP world being the only part of it being included in your fic as long as there are characters included from the crossover fandom. If I were sorted now, I would be a Hufflepuff, but if I had been sorted at age 11 I would be a Ravenclaw, so I think of myself as both.
Indiana Jones Series I'm a big fan of Marion & actually don't mind the 4th one because they brought her back and because Cate Blanchett is my favorite modern actress. The 3rd is by far my favorite though. (Now I've got my fave "Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra" from the soundtrack stuck in my head...)
Marvel Cinematic Universe Favorite characters in roughish order: Sam Wilson, Clint Barton, Loki, Cap, Bucky, Bruce Banner. Please remember that Cap was using cutting edge technology in the '40s & wouldn't be utterly shocked by modern tech. I think the Captain America movies are the best of the MCU, but the Thor ones are the ones I look forward to most because I like the interaction between Thor and Loki especially. I like the strong friendships of Clint & Natasha and of Cap & Bucky and Cap & Sam (and loved the developing friendship between Sam & Bucky we saw with them in the VW & the airport).
Mission: Impossible (Movies) I actually haven't gotten around to watching the 3rd one yet, but I've seen all the others. In my opinion, Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation are light years better than their predecessors, so I'd prefer you focus on the characters (and situations if applicable) from those.
National Treasure (Movies) These movies are so fun, and even if they don't teach you too much about history, they certainly get you excited about it! I like all the fun adventuring. Riley is my favorite character; I love bits like "Is this the way you guys feel all the time? I mean except right now, of course" and his sports car getting towed. I'd prefer if you set it either during a good point in Ben & Abigail's relationship or prior to their relationship; I don't like what was done with that in the 2nd movie. I thought Ian was a great villain & wouldn't mind seeing him show up, either still as an enemy or even better, begrudgingly having to work together.
Now You See Me (Movies) The second had fewer plotholes than the first, but both were entertaining enough that that wasn't my first consideration. I think they relied too much on hypnosis & Merrit is probably my least favorite of the Horsemen. Not sure who my favorite is...I like all of the other three, but in different ways. Lula's okay, but I liked Henley a lot more. Dylan's awesome. I like the tension of Atlas not liking not being in charge, and I'd like to see more of him interacting w/ the leader of the Horsemen (e.g. something related to the scene in the 2nd movie where (spoiler:) Atlas finds out he's been tricked by what he thought was the Eye, but Dylan rescues him & nearly gets killed because of it but Atlas helps rescue him back)
Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis These books are amazingly crossoverable, especially since they don't have to be set in one particular time period. Colin is my favorite character, with Dunworthy, Kivrin, and Binnie tied for second. I totally ship Colin/Polly. If you end up earlier in the history of time travel (e.g. my OTTU/Tomorrowland suggestion below), I'd enjoy seeing mention (or more) of Dunworthy's feelings for Elizabeth Bittner.
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen A deserved classic. Of Austen's works, I've actually only read this & Persuasion; I'm saving the others since it's not like Austen's writing any more. I ship Elizabeth/Darcy (shocking, I know!) and I can't stand Collins and Lady Catherine. As for non-canon ships, I like Georgiana Darcy/Colonel Fitzwilliam and I also really like the idea of Mary Bennet/Mr. Collins if it didn't cause huge issues for the plot (which maybe the additional characters and situations of a crossover fandom could solve!).
Star Wars - All Media Types I love the original trilogy most, am not huge on the prequels, and am feeling hopeful about the sequel trilogy since Ep VII was so good. RotJ is my favorite although I think ESB is the best cinematically. R2-D2 & Luke Skywalker are my favorite characters. I also like Zahn's EU (now Legends) books, especially Mara Jade.
Tangled (2010) I really like Flynn Rider, and his romance with Rapunzel. Actually, all the characters are awesome...I like Maximus and Pascal and the thugs of the Snuggly Duckling. This is probably my favorite Disney movie; the only one that even has a chance at beating it is Beauty and the Beast.
Tomorrowland (2015) I really enjoyed this movie. I generally enjoy seeing George Clooney in movies, and I thought the actress who played Athena did a phenomenal job. I found the sci-fi store fight particularly entertaining. Some of my family who went to the movie with me seemed a bit confused on whether time travel was going on (it isn't), so I wanted to clarify that there's interdimensional travel to a place that is more technologically advanced (and therefore seems futuristic), but it exists at the same time as our own.

The requests:

Request #1: The Adventury Heisty One (Indiana Jones, Mission: Impossible, National Treasure, Now You See Me)
So I'm kind of hoping for a heist here, or at least some sort of adventure. :-) I'm picturing the characters either needing each other's help to achieve a mutual goal, or running into each other when trying [edit for missing words: to obtain] something it turns out the others want too, but if you want to put them at odds with each other that's fine as well. This request seems particularly suited to a 3+ fandom crossover if you're so inclined!
Random thoughts: Marion Ravenwood and/or Henley Reeves and/or Abigail Chase friendship (would love to see this in the background to something plottier). Indy taught at the university Ben Gates attended, & Ben either was in his class or knows his reputation that he was never around (or both!). The National Treasure crew stumbles across an IMF supply trove (don't know what they're actually called; this thing) and Brandt & Hunt have to go investigate the incursion. At a meeting of the Four/Five Horsemen, how long does it take them to figure out that one of them is actually an IMF agent in a mask (for whatever reason)?

Request #2: The Historical One (Agent Carter, Oxford Time Travel, Pride and Prejudice, Tomorrowland)
Agent Carter & Pride and Prejudice are set at different times in the past, Oxford Time Travel can be in any time period, and Tomorrowland has various historical stuff like Frank at the World's Fair, not to mention the building of the Eiffel Tower. If you matched with Oxford Time Travel, I'd like to see some of the time-traveling historians end up meeting characters in the other fandom's time period (more specific ideas in next paragraphs). Or for Tomorrowland & Oxford Time Travel, maybe one of the "dreamers" recruited at the end of the movie is a young James Dunworthy or someone else involved in the early development & use of time travel? For Tomorrowland & Agent Carter, maybe Howard Stark is at the World's Fair that Frank goes to. Or maybe S.H.I.E.L.D. suspects that androids exist, and couple-decades-older Peggy goes to investigate Athena or that sci-fi store. Pride and Prejudice is going to be a challenge to crossover with Agent Carter or Tomorrowland...a fusion would be okay here if you need to...but how about Peggy & friends getting accidentally sent back to 19th century England when they touch a MacGuffin...or the Darcys are involved in the events preceding the construction of the Eiffel Tower-and-Rocket-Launcher.
Random Oxford Time Travel/Pride and Prejudice idea...I've always been one of those people who thinks Mr. Collins would have had success if he'd gone down one more daughter, because Mary seemed like she might like him. What if the OTTU characters also think so? If they accidentally prevent Collins marrying Charlotte, that would have all sorts of repercussions...
Oxford Time Travel/Agent Carter...Peggy's smart & I think she might pick up on something being off if a historian tried to fool her. Maybe she tries to arrest one so they have to convince her that they really truly are from the future. Then she asks them about the future and they realize she doesn't know about what happens to Cap. Do they tell her?
And a completely different idea for OTTU/Agent Carter: Eileen & Mr. Goode & the Hodbins move to the US after to the war and end up living next door to Peggy or Angie or the Jarvises. Eileen & Peggy bond over having lost people they cared about, although in different ways? Edwin Jarvis deals with having a couple of better-than-they-used-to-be-but-still-up-to-mischief children coming next door at every opportunity?

Request #3: The Magical One (Agent Carter, Harry Potter, Oxford Time Travel)
(For Agent Carter/Oxford Time Travel, see Request #2 above. As for Harry Potter...)
Fusions are okay for this one, but if possible, I'd still prefer if you included characters from both fandoms.
Harry Potter/Agent Carter: I wasn't convinced by the backstory Peggy was given in the recent season, so I wouldn't be opposed to throwing it out and, say, having her actually attend Hogwarts (Muggle-born? half-blood?) before getting her job with the SSR. Or perhaps she's a Muggle, but Grindelwald & the Red Skull were allies so she & Cap had to work together with people in the wizarding world to neutralize the threat. To bring it forward into the Agent Carter timeframe, perhaps what I just mentioned is backstory to a visit from a wizard or witch in the US after the war? (This is all just one idea I'm tossing out there; I'd be just as happy with something completely different so don't feel like you have to use any of this.)
Harry Potter/Oxford Time Travel: After time travelers discover they can bring things through the net in TSNotD, do wizard historians use this to affect the outcome of the war against Voldemort? Does Mr. Dunworthy know that magic exists and that some of his students can use it? How does he find out?
All three fandoms together: Both a wizard AND a time-traveler show up at Peggy's office at the SSR acting like normal people who have a right to be there. Does she figure out they're not what they seem? Are they both after the same thing, or do some people want it to be found while others want to prevent it ever being uncovered?

Request #4: The Galactic One (Oxford Time Travel, Star Wars, Tomorrowland)
(For Oxford Time Travel/Tomorrowland, see Request #2 above. As for Star Wars...)
Star Wars/Oxford Time Travel ideas: perhaps a fusion where the OTTU characters live in the Star Wars universe, or a crossover where the net malfunctions and throws the characters of one universe into the other universe and they have to figure out how to get home.
Star Wars/Tomorrowland ideas: You'll probably want to lean more towards the Tomorrowland-dimension than the Earth-dimension of Tomorrowland, I think? Maybe the Millenium Falcon lands in Tomorrowland? I'd like to see the Star Wars droids trying to make sense of Athena.

Request #5: The Wacky Catch-all One (Marvel Cinematic Universe, Now You See Me, Oxford Time Travel, Tangled)
Just thought it would be fun to put some very divergent fandoms together. :-)
You can be pretty ridiculous or hand-wavey about how the fandoms get combined.
Random thoughts: S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits the Horsemen. S.H.I.E.L.D. tries to recruit Mr. Dunworthy, and/or builds a net of their own that the Oxford department fears will be used for purposes they don't approve of. One of the Oxford historians is a descendant of Peggy Carter. OTTU characters need to go to one of the Horsemen's big stage shows for some reason...or perhaps one of them is studying the Horsemen & is watching when they're recruited, etc; do they eventually figure out they're being watched? Thor and Loki visited Corona in the past. The Horsemen find the magic frying pan at an old magic shop & use it in a show...what does this lead to? Someone at Oxford is studying the kingdom of Corona.
If you want to combine more than 2 of these, that would be cool, and pretty much anything goes as long as you give lip-service to plausibility. :-) My sister and I brainstormed a way to combine all 4...I think Clint & Tasha and the Horsemen were separately trying to break into the Oxford net for some reason, and then it malfunctioned sending them all to Corona. If you come up with a way to combine all of them, I'd love to see it. :-)

Wow, that was long. I hope it was at least a bit helpful. Thanks for writing a story for me, and I'm really looking forward to reading what you come up with! This entry was originally posted at http://lirin-lirilla.dreamwidth.org/945.html. Please comment there using OpenID.


History Exchange

[A few additional notes since I see this has gone out for pinch hit...

Thanks for considering picking up this pinch hit! I'm sorry my people are so obscure. If you're trying to learn about one of them with no prior knowledge, Virginia Hall might be the easiest to learn enough about, probably followed by Grace Hopper (additionally, those are the two I'm least familiar with, so I'm unlikely to catch any errors you might make). If you have any familiarity with Napoleonic times, Cabarrus was acquainted with Empress Joséphine & was briefly involved with Napoleon (and is the person I'm next least familiar with). If you knit or know someone who does, they're likely to at least have heard of Elizabeth Zimmermann. Orczy...um...probably not your best bet, although maybe if you're interested in early 20th century England (or Hungarian aristocracy).

Since it might help you keep necessary research time to a minimum, I'll reiterate that total realism is not necessary. Space aliens challenge Elizabeth Zimmermann to a knitting duel! Schmoopy spy hijinks of Virginia Hall and Paul Goillot set on a handwavingly vague WWIIish backdrop!

I've hunted down & added to my letter some biographical sources for each of these individuals, which hopefully will help give you a starting point. Good luck and thanks again!]

Dear History Exchange writer,

Thanks so much for writing a story for me! I'm really looking forward to it.

A few preliminaries (if you want more info, you can take a look at my past letters for other exchanges on my Livejournal) and then I'll give a few thoughts on each of the people I requested. I'd prefer if you kept the story PG or below. I'm totally okay with gen, but if you want to write something shippy I'd prefer that you stick with relationships that actually existed (normally I say "canon relationships" but I'm not sure if the terminology for RPF is different). Other than that, pretty much anything goes: I would equally love to receive a totally realistic slice-of-life story for one of these women or a sci-fi crossover where all five of them go battle space aliens. :-)

Historical fiction has always been one of my favorite genres to read. I had a tough time deciding how to narrow down the playing field to just 5 (I'm requesting the same people I nominated), so I decided to concentrate on people who aren't major characters in any textbook, but whom I would like to read more about. They ended up being all women, which is partly on purpose, partly just how it ended up.

And in chronological order (with Wikipedia links for ease of finding out more about the people you've never heard of):

  • Thérésa Cabarrus (1773-1835)

    I first ran into Cabarrus in Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel, but it turns out the 'Tallien was so in love with this woman that he basically forced the end of the French Revolution just so she would be safe' plot was actually taken from real life (although the Scarlet Pimpernel's intervention was of course added). Cabarrus had a very eventful life and I'd be interested in any part of it, from childhood to motherhood and beyond. Her acquaintanceship with Joséphine de Beauharnais is also of interest.

    Resources: Abstract - Legend and Fact in the Life of Theresia Cabarrus; Detailed blog entry is uncited but looks like the author knows what they're talking about; Part 2; Full etext of 1913 bio (which I haven't read)

  • Emmuska Orczy (1865-1947)

    As you'll quickly figure out if you look at my AO3 or my past Yuletide letters, Scarlet Pimpernel was the first fandom I fell in love with. The stories aren't perfect—there are some plot weaknesses and Orczy is definitely biased towards the aristocracy—but as a preteen I didn't pick up on any of that, and now nostalgia similarly hides their flaws.

    There's a story that a friend of Orczy's had gotten a story published and Orczy thought "I can do better than that, so if she can get published, so can I." I'd enjoy seeing her getting her start as a struggling writer, or trying to get The Scarlet Pimpernel published (they had to adapt it into a play before they could get it published), or her relationship with her husband, or working with Terry & Neilson to bring her story to the stage. Or, y'know, accidentally time-travelling and realizing Thérésa Cabarrus is a real person nothing like her fictional version, or having to solve a mystery and realizing it's not as easy as she made it seem in her books (Orczy's "Old Man in the Corner" and "Lady Molly of Scotland Yard" were not as popular as SP but sold decently), or anything at all.

    Resources: Brief bio (Insufficiently cited, but seems legit); Times obituary; And other resources on Blakeney Manor (links seem to be broken; you may need to replace "www.geocities.com/sirpercy_blakeney/" with "www.blakeneymanor.com/" in each of them)

  • Virginia Hall (1906-1982)

    I'm somewhat interested in World War II, but my sister's read a lot more about it than me, and she's the one who told me about Virginia Hall. Hall sounds epically cool. After losing her leg when she accidentally shot herself while hunting, she named her wooden leg "Cuthbert." I want to see the adventures of Virginia Hall and Cuthbert spying in Europe! I love the story (shows up in multiple sources, so seems likely to be true) that she informed London she was having trouble with Cuthbert and they responded "If Cuthbert troublesome, eliminate him."

    I'd also love to see how she met her husband Paul Goillot, a fellow OSS agent. (Did one of them rescue the other? Did they both rescue each other? Can they have a totally romantic action scene?)

    Resources: NY Times article; also see the "External Links" section of her Wikipedia page

  • Grace Hopper (1906-1992)

    Another woman I'm not as familiar with as I'd like to be. When people talk about women in computing, Ada Lovelace is often mentioned, but the computer she wrote programs for was never even built. I don't know why Grace Hopper isn't better known. She invented the first compiler, which is huge, and also contributed to the creation of the computer language COBOL, which is still used today (though generally not by choice but because it's in legacy code; it's pretty dated by now). I'd like to see something about her experiences leading to these achievements, and/or what it was like for her working in an extremely male-dominated field.

    BTW...stealth Agent Carter references welcome. ;-)

    Resources: MacTutor History of Mathematics Bio (see also the links there under "Additional Material in MacTutor" and "Other Web sites")

  • Elizabeth Zimmermann (1910-1999)

    I don't think knitting would be as popular as it is today without Elizabeth Zimmermann. She pioneered using recipes, like "Elizabeth's Percentage System" and doubling the number of stitches every so often in the Pi Shawl, instead of knitting a bunch of flat pieces and sewing them together. In other words, taking advantage of the things knitting can do instead of trying to make it act like another craft, sewing, which it isn't. EZ is known for being very opinionated, and I definitely don't agree with her on everything, but I respect her as a master of the art.

    By the time I was really old enough to be doing a lot of research on anything in my life, we had internet. It was dial-up and there was no Wikipedia, but it was there. And now of course there's Ravelry and all sorts of things. So I find it hard to imagine being a knitter back in the 60's and 70's waiting impatiently to pore over EZ's 2-page typewritten and photocopied (mimeographed?) newsletter because that's all there was. I'd love to see something involving the newsletter, or an expansion on any of the stories EZ tells in her books: Like reading to her kids "The time taken for the tongue to catch up with eye was usually enough for a stitch to be picked up or new wool joined in. When more complicated difficulties arose, the family just had to wait a few minutes." (Knitter's Almanac p. 45) Or swatching in a park "The man at the other end of the bench must have thought I was out of my fur, making buttonhole after buttonhole on a long skinny strip of knitting." (ditto p. 79) Or the infamous tale of her knitting while riding behind her husband on his motorcycle, and he had no idea until a passing motorist ratted her out. (The Opinionated Knitter, page unknown, quote here)

    [Here is almost everything I've knit that was designed by EZ.]

    Resources: NY Times obituary; EZ retrospective; An undiscovered EZ sweater gets recreated

This entry was originally posted at http://lirin-lirilla.dreamwidth.org/655.html. Please comment there using OpenID.


Switching to Dreamwidth

I decided I had no good reason not to create a Dreamwidth account, so I've finally made one. I'll probably post on here but crosspost to my LJ. (I think? Had trouble deciding this so it may very well change.)

This was basically a test post to make sure I have crossposting set up correctly.

Purimgifts 2016

Dear Purimgifts author,

I'm going to try to keep this short, but feel free to look at letters I've written for other exchanges if you want to know more about my likes and dislikes.

I love crossovers! I would be thrilled to get three different crossovers of the fandom you matched on with different fandoms that we also share. If that's something you're interested in, here is a list of pretty much all the fandoms I'm familiar with. If you want to write AUs (e.g. coffeeshop, yarn store, etc.) those are fine as well although—as you can probably tell from my list of works on the AO3—they're not so much my "thing" as crossovers.

If you can't decide which to do, my preference is for standalone (or loosely connected) short fics over a larger fic split into three pieces; this is because this exchange is kind of the only one I participate in that does short fics and I enjoy this length (when I was starting writing fic, I wrote mostly in the 400-1000 range). This is,of course, only if you can't decide; feel free to disregard if you have a brilliant plan for something longer. :-)

My level of knowledge of Judaism: among other things, I've read all the All of a Kind Family books and the first Hereville graphic novel, and I'm pretty familiar with Old Testament history. I don't know of many canonically Jewish characters in these fandoms, but I'm okay with you making any character Jewish as long as it makes sense. (If you're telling me that, for instance, Marguerite Blakeney or Cimorene is Jewish, I hope you have a really convincing explanation...) I've also listed some of my favorite female characters in each of the fandoms, in case you're trying for that side of the prompt.

Captain America (Movies): Peggy Carter rocks! I'd love to see anything with her. I think the first Captain America movie is probably the best MCU movie, and it's one of my favorites to watch; but somehow I always forget until near the end that it will always make me cry. Feel free to either twist my heartstrings some more, or to have mercy and give Peggy & Steve some happy moments (or just happy memories).
The only reason I didn't request Agent Carter is that the new season is running basically simultaneously with the fest and I didn't want to deal with that complication (It caused me some minor difficulties when I wrote Agent Carter for last Purimgifts), but feel free to include elements from the time period of the TV show. (Psst: Jarvis is my favorite character!)
Or with the second movie, obviously we also have Sharon Carter, Maria Hill, and Natasha Romanoff as additional female characters, and I wouldn't mind seeing more of any or all of them. Hill would probably be my first choice of the three (or hey, three fics, three characters...).

Enchanted Forest Chronicles - Patricia Wrede: These books are awesome! Fantasy that doesn't take itself too seriously, with some genre-savvy characters. I ship Telemain/Morwen very much, and they're probably my favorite characters individually as well, although I also really like Alianora from the first book.

FoxTrot: I've loved these comics for a long time. Jason's my favorite character since I identify with his nerdiness, but even more than single characters I like the interaction between the family members, and the contrast in their interests. (Like when Paige and Jason were both looking forward to seeing the LotR movies, but for totally different reasons! [Link]) But yeah, nerd humor ftw.

Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis: I've read all the books and the short story. Colin is my favorite character, with Dunworthy, Kivrin, and Binnie tied for second. Again, I love everything about these, so anything you want to write is awesome. Do you have a favorite historical period you'd like the characters to go to? Or, given the fest, maybe a historical period that has something to do with Jewish history.

The Scarlet Pimpernel - All Media Types: I've read every single one of the books, seen more than one production of the musical, obtained all the soundtracks, and watched the 1934 & 1982 movies. (I have not seen the 1999 TV series.) I love everything about these stories, especially Percy & Chauvelin's interaction, which doesn't really fit with the prompts for this fest though. If you want to focus on one of the female characters, I'd love to see any or all of them—Suzanne or Fleurette or Theresia would be my favorites but they're all great. Or if you want to do something more serious, I'd really like to see exploration of Benjamin Rosenbaum, the Jew Percy pays off (and impersonates) in the first novel. What happens to him afterwards? Does he ever assist the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel again? Does Chauvelin realize that his ingrained antisemitism caused him to miss what was right in front of his nose?

Yuletide 2015

Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, thank you so much for writing a story for me! I can't wait to read your story!

So this is the year of "Just couldn't narrow my fandoms down". For several months I'd been planning to do like last year and nominate & request 3 fandoms that I had never requested before...but then I just had to throw in 2 other fandoms, so this is a 5-fandom year. Wow!

I'll start with some preliminaries, then talk about the individual fandoms.

If you want to find out more about me, I am here on AO3. About the only other place I have an internet presence is Ravelry, so you can go look at my handspun yarn there if you want, and my apologies for not being more stalkable. :-)

For me, the reason I fall in love with a story is almost always the characters. That means that people being OOC will definitely bother me if there's not a reason for it, but on the flip side it means I'm totally okay with an AU or a crossover as long as the characters are recognizable. So if you have any AU or crossover leanings, that would be awesome. (Bella or the Gossips of Regency Solitaire are at a party with Elizabeth Bennet? Oxford Time Travel characters go to the French Revolution and meet the Scarlet Pimpernel? Phil Davis tells Judy Haynes about that time he saw Captain America perform?) If you're interested, here is a list of all the fandoms I am familiar with that I can think of. Seriously, the wilder the crossover the better, as long as you give at least lip-service to it being plausible. :-)

I tend to prefer lighter-rated stuff, PG or below. I mostly write gen and I would love to receive it, but I also like lightweight het...preferably canon relationships (with one exception below). Anyway, the fandoms I picked definitely aren’t known for having any explicit content, so hopefully you weren’t exactly planning on writing anything R-rated anyway. As far as other things that could increase a story’s rating, I’m also not big on bad language but I love action scenes. You needn’t take too much of a lead from the G-ratedness of my own fic: I still haven’t managed to ever write characters even kissing, but that doesn’t mean I object to reading a kiss in fanfic.

Anything from fluffy fluff to plotty epics is great. I’d rather not have non-canonical major character death, but I don’t mind characters being hurt or even thinking they’re dead for most of the story. I do have a bit of an embarrassment squick but as long as you don’t structure the whole plot around a character getting humiliated it probably won’t bother me overmuch.

If you get stuck on the fandom you matched on and want to check out one of the others, Masked is available free online; White Christmas can be rented on YouTube and presumably other online locations. Those two would take the least time to pick up. Next fastest is Regency Solitaire, which can be purchased on the creators' website. (I think it's also on Amazon and Steam. The amount of time it takes you to reach all the pieces of the visual novel will depend on how good you are at solitaire.) The Thrawn Trilogy (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command) and Oxford Time Travel ("Fire Watch", Doomsday Book, To Say Nothing of the Dog, Blackout/All Clear) can be found at any halfway decent library (or somewhat expensively on Kindle), but will take you a while to read. The Thrawn books need to be read in order (and you need at least some familiarity with the Star Wars original trilogy movies), but Oxford Time Travel can be picked up with any of the books except All Clear. The character I requested is in Doomsday Book and Blackout/All Clear.

And on to the fandoms, in alphabetical order:

Masked (Web Series)

"'An enigma, a shadow, a soldier for humanity: unseen by humanity, identified only by a name more mysterious than himself; loved by many and known by all as an avenger for those left crushed and powerless by a criminal force of vengeance and evil.' Suze?"


"Where's the verb?"

Masked ep. 1, "Pilot"
MaskedCollapse )

Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis
Colin Templer

"I will not get into trouble."

"You did last time," Colin said, "and I had to rescue you, remember? What if that happens again?"

All Clear, p. 132
Oxford Time TravelCollapse )

Regency Solitaire
The Gossips (Regency Solitaire)

Bella: "Could that be Henry up there in the box? If only I had some opera glasses I could get a better view!"

—Regency Solitaire ch. 8, "London Theatre"
Regency SolitaireCollapse )

Star Wars Legends: Thrawn Trilogy - Timothy Zahn
Mara Jade, Talon Karrde

"I have no particular feelings for Mara," Karrde countered. "She's a member of my organization; nothing more."

"Isn't that enough?"

For a moment Karrde gazed at [Organa Solo]. She held his gaze evenly, calling his bluff...and in her eyes, he could see that she knew perfectly well that it
was a bluff. He couldn't simply walk away and abandon Mara to her death, any more than he could abandon Aves or Dankin or Chin.

The Last Command, p. 333
Thrawn TrilogyCollapse )

White Christmas (1954)
Phil Davis, Judy Haynes

"Well, you're not exactly Superman but you're awfully available."

"Yeah, now don't get any ideas, Judy, I'm not the marrying kind."

"Oh, it's just an engagement."

"Well, I'm not the engaging kind either."

"Well, what kind are you?"

"Well, I'm, uh, more the 'I-don't-mind-pushing-my-best-friend-into-but-I'm-scared-stiff-when-I-get-anywhere-close-to-it-myself'ing kind."

White Christmas, this scene

White ChristmasCollapse )


Fic Corner 2015

Dear Fic Corner writer,
Thank you for writing a story for me! I love children's and YA books even now that I'm an adult. There were so many books I could have requested, so I decided to narrow it down to only books that I actually read for the first time in childhood. All of these are books/series I've read many times and remember very fondly.

Normally in exchanges I say to stick with the spirit of the books, but the following are 4 extremely G-rated stories, so if you want to add a little more romance or violence than the stories have that's fine. (But staying with the original tone is also totally okay!) No sex please. Also please don't have embarrassment as a major plot point. I think that's the only things I need to mention; if you want more info you can look at my old Yuletide letters where I always end up going on too long.

If you're stuck and want to check out one of the other fandoms, all of them are pretty fast reads (that's the nice thing about a kids' book exchange!). The Henry Reed books are the longest (barely over 200 pages); Toliver's Secret & the Danny Dunn books tie for shortest. Henry Reed & Danny Dunn are series but you can start anywhere (although Irene isn't in the first 2 DD); My Side of the Mountain is the first in a series but my request is only for that specific book; and Toliver's Secret is a standalone. Unfortunately all of the Danny Dunn books are out of print as well as two of the Henry Reeds, but all the others are in print and I think a good library would have several of them as well. Henry Reed is hilarious dry comedy about a couple of teenagers who are just trying to make some money on their summer vacations; Danny Dunn is science adventures of a trio of friends with assistance from their professor mentor; My Side of the Mountain is a boy who runs away to the woods and lives off the land with his falcon; Toliver's Secret is American Revolutionary War historical fiction about a girl who has to dress up as a boy and carry a message for General Washington. I'm actually younger than you would think from the copyright dates of my beloved childhood fiction...all of these actually came out well before I was born. :-)

One last comment before I get to the individual requests (in alphabetical order, as always): All of these are fandoms that I love and for which there is almost no or absolutely no fic available. Pretty much ANYTHING you write will make me extremely excited, so if you have a great idea that doesn't fit with any of my prompts but is in the spirit of the book, please go ahead and write it! I don't even care overmuch about whether you include the specific characters I requested, although please don't go higher than the T rating. :-)

Danny Dunn Series - Jay Williams & Raymond Abrashkin (Irene Miller or Mrs. Dunn)
I read these books many times when I was a kid. Anything in the spirit of the books will make me happy, whether it's sciencey adventures with the trio, or how they first became friends or 10 years down the road when they're looking for jobs (or applying to the Space Shuttle program!). I almost requested Any Character, so if you really want to focus on a different character feel free, but I thought it might be kind of fun to have a female POV.
My favorite books in this series are probably "Homework Machine" (the first one with Irene in it) and "Scientific Detective" (one of the last in the series but the first one I read). The trio's adventures are very fun, but I especially like that they're very interested in science and wanting to know more about that, and that (possibly because of the previous) they respect their elders and realize there are things they can learn from them (especially Professor Bullfinch) instead of thinking they know everything.
As far as shipping: Gen is great, or if you want to go shippy I'm equally interested in Irene/Danny or Irene/Joe or any of the trio/original character with the other two trying to come to terms with that. Or if you're centering the story on Mrs. Dunn I'd be fine with shipping her with an original character or one of the minor characters (like Carl Ellison in Scientific Detective), but not with Prof. Bullfinch.

Henry Reed - Keith Robertson (Henry Reed or Midge Glass)
I love the dry humor of these books, where they're absolutely hilarious but Midge and Henry weren't trying to do anything intentionally funny. As long as you keep that spirit, I don't particularly care what direction you go with this. Maybe Midge keeps a journal of her own that has a slightly different perspective on events in the books...or additional adventures in between the canon ones...or Henry and Midge corresponding while he's in Europe during the rest of the year...or in the future when they're in college or beyond.
I've requested this fandom for three Yuletides in a row, and last year I received an amazing Boxcar Children crossover for it! I have read the five books in this series many many times. I love Henry's matter-of-fact tone as he recounts their activities. Seriously, as long as you keep the 'Honestly, Uncle Al, I don't know how the parade got started, we didn't do anything' (not an actual quote) spirit of the books, I don't care which way you run with it. Crossovers and AUs are fine, as are fics set way before or way after the books. If you're familiar with Alvin Fernald, Danny Dunn, or Encyclopedia Brown, those are some series I read around the same time that might be fun to crossover. Or throw Henry and Midge into a fantasy environment like Hogwarts or Middle-earth and see how they react!

My Side of the Mountain - Jean Craighead George (Bando or Miss Turner)
I live in the suburbs, but that didn't stop me from reading every survival skills book I could get my hands on when I was a kid. I find self-sufficiency fascinating as a concept, although I would miss the internet and yarn stores if I had to live that way for very long. I like that Sam is observant and wants to find out more about the world he lives in. Both of the characters I requested are educated people who become helpful resources for Sam. I'd like to see either more of his interactions with them (any POV, theirs, Sam's, or even Frightful's or Jesse C. James', whatever makes you happy), or what their lives are like outside of the times when they intersect with Sam. Did Bando always want to teach English? Why did Miss Turner decide to be a librarian? Or wherever you want to go with whichever of these 2 characters you matched on.
I read this book and the sequel (On the Far Side of the Mountain) several times, although I definitely preferred this first book. I am not really familiar with the rest of the series. I really like handcrafts (knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, and I'm currently getting really excited about needlepoint) if you want to reference any of those (maybe Sam and/or Bando try spinning rabbit fur or some other fiber). Totally random crossover suggestion: if you happen to have read Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, I think that has some interesting possibilities.

Toliver's Secret - Esther Wood Brady (Ellen Toliver or Mistress Shannon)
I love how good historical fiction can make a time period or event or place come alive...and this totally happens for me as Toliver goes on her journey. I'd really like to see either what Ellen Toliver is up to later on in the war (or post-war; any chance you could have her in Philadelphia during the Constitutional Convention?), or what the Shannons, whom we meet at the end but barely spend any time with, are up to as they sneak messages while pretending to be Tories.
The Constitutional Convention is one of my favorite time periods of history (mostly thanks to the awesome docudrama A More Perfect Union). If she's courting someone as a 20-something in Philadelphia, does he know that she once dressed up as a boy? How does her learning to stand up for herself affect her later in her life? Or if you write something earlier, still during the war, does she have further heroic adventures? As far as Mistress Shannon, anyone who wears a British flag in her hair all day while secretly running messages for General Washington has to have had close calls. For her and her husband, was it a mutual decision to spy for Washington, or did one of them have to convince the other?

White Dwarf Rabbit Hole 2015

Dear author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm really looking forward to reading your story.

I'm going to try to make this short but if you want more info on my likes and dislikes you can take a look at my past Yuletide letters. I like stories that feel in the spirit of the original fandom (for instance, stories that make me think "Wow, that sounded exactly like something [Original Author] would have written" or "Yes, that is exactly how [Favorite Character] would have said that." At the same time, I don't mind OCs, AUs, or crossovers as long as the non-original characters are not acting out of character. If you want to do a crossover, any fandom in this list is fair game (although I'm not sure what the rules of this exchange are on crossovers?). I enjoy gen greatly, and prefer that shippy stuff not be too high rated. When in doubt, anything that would fit in the original book is definitely something I'm okay with, but also a bit beyond that would be fine (considering that I'm not sure either of the canon couples I'll be mentioning below ever even kiss in their respective canons).

In alphabetical order:

Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis (Edmund Pevensie)

Edmund the Just: He did a terrible thing but then managed to come back from that and be a wiser person because of it. I'd like to see something after that point, showing how Narnia has given him more inner maturity and a better relationship with his siblings. I'd particularly like something set in England post-Dawn Treader, perhaps even during The Last Battle (that fateful traintrip?). Would not be opposed to shipping him with an OFC (in England or Narnia), or gen is always fine.

Eight Days of Luke - Diana Wynne Jones (Luke)

Loki is a fascinating character...brilliant and clever and not somebody you would probably want to get anywhere near if you're like me and you enjoy having a peaceful life free of risk of death or bodily harm. I've seen a lot of different takes on him between this book and Runemarks and the Marvel movies, and I've enjoyed them all. Anything you want to explore would be great; as characters go I'm a bit more interested in the mythological characters than David's relatives (except for Astrid, who is awesome), but feel free to ignore that if you have an idea that goes the opposite direction. I'd prefer gen for this fandom.

Enchanted Forest Chronicles - Patricia Wrede (Morwen)

I ship Telemain/Morwen like crazy. Love the combo of intelligent but scatterbrained with intelligent and practical. Anything having fun with them (fluffy or plotty, I don't care) would be my first choice. However, since Telemain wasn't a nominated character & I wasn't able to request him, I know you may not be planning on writing him, so Morwen Being Awesome All By Herself (or Morwen's Cats Being Awesome With Morwen) are great too.

I just read these for the first time at the end of last year. I was shipping Telemain and Morwen from the first time they barely interacted in the books, and was a bit frustrated that those pesky main characters couldn't get set aside to provide me with a hundred pages of Telemain and Morwen being adorable together. I like Telemain's opaque language (which, having written a drabble for this fandom, I can say is a lot harder to come up with than Wrede makes it seem), and Morwen's crazy collection of cats, and the way the doors work in her house.

Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis (Colin Templer)

So Colin Templer was my favorite character in Doomsday Book, and then I totally fell in love with the grown-up him in Blackout/All Clear. I'd be happy with a story set anywhere in Colin's life, whether a childhood fic or during one of the books or far in the future after All Clear (in which case he better have married Polly...) I'd really like it if you could explore his relationship with one of the other main characters, whether it's his great-aunt Mary Ahrens, or his love Polly Churchill, or one of the other characters: Mr Dunworthy? Kivrin Engle (personally I wonder if his 12-year-old self might have had a bit of a crush on Kivrin before he met Polly...)? his mother who was so glad to ship him off (what would she have thought of his hopeless search for Polly)?

I requested this for Yuletide 2013, so if you want to read the REALLY LONG version of the request, with a few more prompt ideas, you can look at my letter from then, but you can also feel free to ignore it. :-) If there's a particular time period you're interested in that you'd like to send the characters to, I always enjoy learning more about history. Or if you end up leaving the characters in the future the whole time with no time travel at all, that's fine too because the characters are my favorite part about these stories.

Purimgifts 2015

Dear Purimgifts author,

This is the first time I've ever done an exchange outside of Yuletide. I'm excited!

My Yuletide letter tends to run away from me, but I'm going to do my best to make this one short and sweet. If you want more information on my general preferences, you can look at my past Yuletide letters.

I love (realistic, everybody's in character) crossovers. This list is pretty much up-to-date; feel free to crossover with any fandom listed there. (Don't worry if you don't want to do a crossover; I love non-crossovers too.) I also don't mind OCs and AUs as long as, again, all the non-OCs are not acting out of character.

My level of knowledge of Judaism: among other things, I've read all the All of a Kind Family books and the first Hereville graphic novel, and I'm pretty familiar with Old Testament history. I can't recall if there are any canonically Jewish characters in any of these fandoms, but I'm totally okay with you making any character Jewish as long as it makes sense. (If you're telling me that, for instance, Marguerite Blakeney or Cimorene is Jewish, I hope you have a really convincing explanation...) I've also mentioned who some of my favorite female characters are in some of the fandoms, in case you're going more for that side of the prompt.

The Scarlet Pimpernel - All Media Types: I've read every single one of the books, seen more than one production of the musical, obtained all the soundtracks, and watched the 1934 movie. I have not, however, seen the 1982 movie or the 1999 TV series. I love everything about these stories, especially Percy & Chauvelin's interaction, which doesn't really fit with the prompts for this fest though. If you want to focus on one of the female characters, I'd love to see any or all of them—Suzanne or Fleurette or Theresia would be my favorites but they're all great. Or if you want to do something more serious, how about looking at Benjamin Rosenbaum, the Jew Percy pays off in the first novel. What happens to him afterwards? Does he ever assist the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel again? Does Chauvelin realize that his ingrained antisemitism caused him to miss what was right in front of his nose?

Oxford Time Travel Universe: I've read all the books and the short story. Colin is my favorite character, with Dunworthy, Kivrin, and Binnie tied for second. Again, I love everything about these, so anything you want to write is awesome. Do you have a favorite historical period you'd like the characters to go to? Or, given the fest, maybe a historical period that has something to do with Jewish history.

White Collar: Wow, my tiny-Yuletide-fandom self feels really weird to be requesting such a large fandom. This show has had its ups and downs (I wish they hadn't felt the need to manufacture tension between Neal and Peter every time they solved the problems between them, and I wish they hadn't kept spending less time on the case of the week as the series progressed). I've seen all but Season 5, which I am mostly spoiled on and will watch once I have more time. I am a little picky about which characters I like in this series, so to save you a twenty-minute screed on what I do and don't like about the various girlfriends Neal has had, why don't I just say that El is totally my favorite character, so if you're going to focus on a female character, maybe focus on her? Also, June is awesome, of course. And Mozzie's wife (S6E4) would be fun to see more of (that was my favorite episode this last season). Other than that, I like heists! And there still isn't enough post-series fix-it fic! Or somebody pulling a con to save someone from an evil vizier!

Psmith - P. G. Wodehouse and Blandings - P. G. Wodehouse: I've read all the Psmith books and about the first half of the Blandings series. I love Wodehouse's sense of humor and ridiculous setups with laugh-out-loud prose. I'd love to see more of Eve or Phyllis or Cynthia (who was married to the poet Psmith impersonated); or Sue Brown, Joan or Valentine (Something Fresh is my favorite Blandings book; chapter 8 is comic gold.) or Aggie Donaldson. And not a female character, but poor efficient Baxter, who "says it with flower-pots" but for whom things always go wrong.

Foundation - Isaac Asimov and Robot Series - Isaac Asimov: I tend to prefer Asimov's earlier (cleaner, among other things) writing, and I didn't like the later Foundation/Robots novels, so I think of Foundation as just the trilogy. And for me, the Robot stories are all about Dr. Susan Calvin. I realized a few years ago that she was my subconscious role model when I was in college (one of my majors was in the sciences). I know that's a little odd when there's real women scientists out there and Dr. Calvin was actually more in psychology, but still as a woman in the sciences that's who I thought of as having been there before me. As for Foundation, there's a lot of really cool stuff in there. I'm generally more interested in what happened to the non-psychic First Foundation, and my favorite character is Arkady Darell.

FoxTrot: I've loved these comics for a long time. Jason's my favorite character since I identify with his nerdiness, but even more than single characters I like the interaction between the family members, and the contrast in their interests. (Like when Paige and Jason were both looking forward to seeing the LotR movies, but for totally different reasons! [Link]) But yeah, nerd humor ftw.

Enchanted Forest Chronicles: My sister has been trying to convince me to read these for months, and I don't know why I waited so long because they are awesome. Fantasy that doesn't take itself too seriously, with some genre-savvy characters. I ship Telemain/Morwen very much, and they're probably my favorite characters individually as well, although I also really like Alianora from the first book.

In case you're curious about or considering writing in one of my fandoms that you didn't match to, a quick (ha!) where-to-get-started for each...

Scarlet Pimpernel...heroic Englishman rescues people from the French Revolution while leaving snarky poetry for his nemesis! The first novel is on Gutenberg with a few of the sequels; the entire series is on Blakeney Manor in not-as-conveniently-downloadable format. You definitely want to start with the first book; after that I would recommend "Elusive" or "Triumph" for full-length novels, or "Adventures" or "League" if you want short stories. The musical soundtrack is on Youtube and you can probably find full productions of varying quality there as well. The 1934 film version (Leslie Howard, Raymond Massey, Merle Oberon) is also on Youtube.
Oxford Time Travel Universe...time travelling historians! There's a short story "Fire Watch" (available online) and three novels: "Doomsday Book", "To Say Nothing of the Dog", and "Blackout/All Clear". You can start with any of them, although Doomsday Book is the one I usually recommend personally to people.
White Collar...con artist/forger and FBI agent become friends and fight crime! The hour-long pilot (available for a few dollars on YouTube, Amazon, etc, and for free elsewhere on the internet...) is all you need to meet the characters, and it's one of my favorite episodes. (Some of my other favorites are "Vital Signs" [S01E10] and "What Happens in Burma" [S02E12].)
Wodehouse...ridiculous plots wrapped in hilarious prose! All the Psmith books are on Gutenberg except the last one: [A, B, C] The first book takes a long time to get going, so if you can't stand lengthy description of cricket (and as some of Wodehouse's earliest work, this is back when he thought he was a school-story-writer and not a humorous-story-writer so there's not nearly as many laugh-out-loud bits), it might be best to start with "Mike and Psmith", which is just the second half of "Mike". As for the Blandings Castle books, only the first one "Something New" was written before the copyright cutoff. The second Blandings book ("Leave It to Psmith") is also the last Psmith book. Bet you didn't see that coming! My local library has most of the Wodehouse books in the system although not at the closest branch, so if you're in a decently-sized city you might try your library. And if you're only going to read one of these books, I would suggest "Something New" (also called "Something Fresh")...it's one of my favorites. I don't believe I shall ever be capable of reading chapter 8 without laughing uproariously.
Asimov...classic Golden Age science fiction! "Foundation" is three volumes ("Foundation", "Foundation and Empire", "Second Foundation") that collect eight short stories set decades and centuries apart. There are also other novels set before and after the main trilogy, but they were written decades later and feel quite different. As for the Robot books, I'm mainly requesting stuff based on "I, Robot", which is a collection of nine short stories. These are all written after the copyright cutoff so the library or bookstore is your best bet to find them.
FoxTrot...comic strip with sibling rivalry and nerdy humor! Many volumes of this strip have been published and might be available at your library, or you can browse archives online: current (Sunday only) or classics (reruns from when it ran every day)

Enchanted Forest Chronicles...intelligent YA fantasy with a great balance between plot and humor! There are four books ("Dealing with Dragons", "Searching for Dragons", "Calling on Dragons", and "Talking to Dragons") that should probably be read in that order, although I think you could get away with starting with book 2 or 4 if you wanted to. (Book 4 was written first and then edited to fit with the rest of the series after the other 3 were written.) All are long enough to have lots of interesting things happen, but short enough that they don't take forever to read.